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Any reviews of the Atomic R:EX

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Looking to buy a pair of 184's.....Thanks
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R:EX Review

Personal Stats:
Age:45, 5'7", 225lbs.
North Tahoe resident, 30-40 ski days/yr
Preffered Terrain: mostly fast groomers, steeps, offpiste in soft conditions, little to no steep/firm bumps.
Ski Quiver: SX-11 180, R:EX 184, M:EX 175, V-EXP 190.

I purchased 2 new pairs of the 03-04 R:EX this season, 177 & 184. I bought the 177's first. Only skied the 177 in primarily early season firm morning conditions with somewhat softer afternoon snow, no new snow at the time. Relatively stiff, carve and edgehold were good. I thought they skied pretty short - quick turns were easy with IMO the characteristic Atomic pop at the end of turns. The only caveat was at very high speeds I missed the "set it & forget it" stability that I feel some extra length provides. The R:EX has a lot of rebound energy like the SX-11 but not the same "dampness" in rougher, firmer conditions. Softer snow & crud on the short length was no problem and I liked how the ski just bulldozed through everything loose.

So, I figured if the 177 skied short, the 184 would be perfect. I bought the 184's w/912TI's. They have a very light feel. I've had these out 3 days. The first day in 2 day old tracked out approx. 8-16" powder. Good float and reasonably maneuverable but they were some work in the steep/soft bumps. Nothing very high speed that day as visibilty was poor. They just weren't all that fun for me. I was wishing I had brought the 177's.

The next 2 days on the 184's were mostly on groomers. I was able to let them run here and they were very stable but no where near as playful as the 177's. At about 225 lbs and an aggressive, experienced skier I can bend a stiff ski but this is probably too much ski for me. My buddy tried and already made claim to the 177's. I bought some 175 M:EX's as replacements that haven't seen snow yet.

The 184's are for sale. Pristine condition. PM me if you're interested. I've got about $550 into them and would prefer not to take a big loss. How about $400 + shipping? The 912TI's are Black/Fizz color mounted for a boot sole lenth of 294mm.
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