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Atomic R:EX

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I am new to these boards and just need some advice. I can get a great deal on these skis. I am expert level skier, 6'4" 255 pounds who likes to ski fast gs turns and also likes to hit the bumps 30% of the day and would like to have a ski that can handle the powder and crud.......Are they a good ski and what size should I get?....Thanks
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The Rex is a great big mountain ski. not the best in pow as the tips tend to dive yet for overall skiing off piste it would be hard to beat this ski. Crud isn't a problem wind scrubbed ridge top and ice reefs are not big deal great edge hold. They are long turning skis and like to do those gig fat Gs turnd in the worse conditions. not a bump ski but they can be used in bumps. Stick to something around 180 or so.
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I'll echo the 184cm for your size. They're great for everything except deep powder, and they can be had at a decent price if you can find them. From the way that you describe yourself, they be perfect for you, imo.
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