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M:EX Length for me?

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Hi All,

I have looked at the sizing chart on backcountry, and no matter how I cut it at my level and weight (Advanced, 200 LBS.) it puts me squarely in a 165.

Has anyone on this site taken the M:EX 165 for a spin? I am a bit hesitant to go with that length, but if it offers good stability I have no qualms going shorter. Thoughts??

Also, most of my skiing is done at Vail, Breck and Copper Mtn. Truly a 50/50 on-off type skier.

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175 cm

I'm 172 pounds and a good enough skier who likes off-piste turning but also enjoys a day arcing fast ones on corduroy. I absolutely love the 175 length.
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I am an expert skier 187lbs and 5'11''. I ski the 165.
At first it takes a little adjustment after skiing other skis at 181 or longer (I used to have 203s!)
You need a centred stance and can't be lazy using tips or tails for support.
It floats in powder, rips through crud and grips in high speed GS turns on the groomed like it's on rails. The short length makes it increadibly manouverable, great for the trees and easier in the bumps.
My advice, go short. These skis are not designed to be skied long.
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I just tried the 165's today, and found almost everything you said to be spot on. Spent about 5 hours in the bowls and blue sky at vail. Great ski's, but as you said with that short and stiff of a tail you can't get becomes very unhappy at that point. I was amazed at the stability at speed for a 165 length ski.

Thanks to both of you for your help.
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Demo the 175 , it's not that much bigger at 200lbs.
I'm about 215 lbs now and ski it in a 185 , and there are times I wish it was longer.
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I like the 175 and I'm 5'10" 185. The sizing chart puts me shorter but the 175 is what works. The sizing chart is spot on for me for the other models but when they first came out I'm sure I saw extra bonus points that you added to your chart when applying to the M:ex. This makes some sense given the much greater turn radius. I also liked the R:ex in a 177 and this ski isn't all that different.
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Hey Guys,

Thanks for all the input. I skied them again on black and blue groomers. Those 165's just rip long and medium turns, and I can't imagine how stable the 175 or 185's are...I'll give the 175 a shot and see what I think. To this point, I'm pretty happy at the shorter length which surprises me a bit.
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