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versatile GS skis/Race Carvers?

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Hi. I just bent my K2 Mach G's today. I am now in the market for a pair of GS skis or race carvers. Any suggestions? I primarily want a stable ski for groomers that can also go most places, as well as run gates. Something that is verstile on groomers, stable, but not excessively demanding. I weigh 155 lbs and am 5 foot 8. I was skiing the K2 Mach G and felt very comfortable, I have also liked the Volkl P40 Platinum. The Volkl P50 F1 was too stiff for my liking, it seemed to be more of an on-course ski. Any suggestions (including possibly length, also a local shop that may have something in stock? Most shops here are out of anything resembling what I want). Thanks!

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as an ex-racer, i have a pair of Volkl P40 Platinums and they are GOLD. i love them. on lifts, people ask me how they are and i just have this big goofy grin spread accross my face.

they definately rock on anything groomer, and you can still run gates with them and do fine. the P50 F1 you mentioned (the green one i think?) is volkl's professional racing model and is definately only good for actual racing. however, the platinum offers the best of both worlds and gives you solid performance in any conditions or terrain.

you probably won't be able to find the P40 any more, you could probalby find a P50 Platinum somewhere, which is slightly improved over the P40 and is the 2001-2002 model. or you could always wait and see what volkl does with the Platinum with next year's skis.

if you are looking for good skis for a good deal, i'd recommend calling ski shops at ski areas and seeing when their super sales are. or, call demo or rental shops and see if you can get something good for a cheap price.
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Volkl P50 Race Carve Energy
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Originally posted by TheRockSkier:
Volkl P50 Race Carve Energy
Is this ski available in the states? I have only seen the P50 Platinum, Motion, and F1 Energyrail.
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Kneissl M1x go to www.kneissle-usa.com

Ski Mag Gold medal GS ski that I ski. It is very versitile. I would try the 178cm
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You might also try to use the warranty on your K2's... i dont know if you can get a new pair of skis for a bent ski but it is worth a try, that would allow you to sell the replacements and get a new pair of skis free or keep your current skis. you might want to consider trying the rossignol 9x pps. I skied it and it seemed like it could be a very versitile ski. The volkl p40 or p50 platinum sounds like your best bet though, if you are looking for a forgiving race carver.
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P50 platinum (103-63-92) follows the old P 30RC (101-63-89) respected GS tools.

The P 50 SC is fatter at the tip but the same under foot. 106-63-93

They go better down hill than up.

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If you are going up to Everett anyway. Pick up a pair of the Head RS119 GS skis. The RS119 is the Head's laminated race stock GS ski. This ski is not on the website. It's a soft for a race ski and skis really well in a variety of snow conditions. The shop had a couple pairs of 180s in stock, last time I was in. It has the spoon tip where the sidecut goes up the tip past the contact point. The Fischer had this type of tip this season and next season Atomic GS ski has it also.

Another option is to get a 70 mm waist ski like a K2 Axis X Pro. Almost like a race ski but wider.
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They are a bit hard to find but the Stockli SC in a 168 is what replaced my 188 F-1's and 170 SL Volkls.
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You'd probably like Volkl's new Supersport 5 star. It's a gs racing construction but with more shape. Very versatile. I'm not sure about the lengths. It comes in shorter sizes. Only size available when I demoed was 168cm. Personally I'd go a little longer 173 177. Dispite it's size it performs pretty well. If you don't look down you'd think your on your your long GS boards only easier to turn.
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What about the Atomic Beta Race 9.20's? Never skied them, but have always heard great things about them.
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Do yourself a favor and try the Dynastar Course 64 Autodrive. I am 6'0" 155 lbs. and ski it in a 190 which is a little long. The most versitile length is the 184. Stable at speed with a realistic turn radius and can be cranked around in some shorter turns as well. Also, if you can wait, next years Fischer GS ski( I forget the name) rips! I was able to do some extensive testing at Mammoth this year on next years product. It was one of my favorites.
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Yo Dawg-
I'll second Heluvaskier. Those skis should still be under warranty, and will be replaced. Last I heard, we still have some inventory at the factory.

Sometimes, they want you to go through your local retailer, but if you have any problems, let me know. I can get them replaced through my account at K2.

Contact K2 directly at 1-800-426-1617, hit 0 for the operator, and ask for ski warranty. They are a great bunch working there!

Good luck!

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I'm 5'8" and 160 lbs. and have been skiing on Atomic Beta Race 9.20's (180cm) for a couple of years now. I agree that they're a very versatile groomed snow race carver - fairly quick, not overly demanding, and very stable - sort of an Eastern US all-mountain ski. But Atomic has some new stuff coming out in '03 - SX11, C11, etc. that might prove to be worth a closer look instead.
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