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Helmet fit: anyone wearing a Carrera Airborne?

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Hi everyone,
I have finally decided to get a helmet for skiing. No falls on the snow yet, but enough off of it to make me realize there is no reason NOT to wear one while skiing.

Unfortunately, I am having a tough time finding a good fit. Most simply roll up my forehead too easily, leaving the entire area exposed. So far, I have tried the Fuse, Marker M3, Leedom in general, a few Boeris...none fit as well as I would like.

The problem is I am about a 58.5, so am coming in-between sizes. I recently saw the Carerra Airborne on-line, have yet to see it in a store in my area (Philadelphia).

Does anyone have experience with this helmet or have tried it on? Would you say it is more for oval or rounder heads? It looks very compact which I like and seems to offer good ventilation, I just hate to take the plunge on-line.

Many thanks in advance! 1.5 months until Breckenridge...let it snow.
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1. Don't buy a helmet without trying it on.

2. Don't try on something in a retail shop and then go an order it on-line to save money. That's a scummy thing to do. What'll you do, save $20-30 on a 90$ helmet? Better to get the service and start getting in good with a shop.

3. If you find something in a shop that's close, maybe adjusting with some pads will help. A lot of helmets come with a sheet of sticky pads to adjust fit. If you need advice on how adjustable it will be or how to adjust the helmet, see tip 2.

4. Try on all the models in a manufacturs line; don't write off a manufactorer if one or two models don't fit; they won't all fit the same. One Boire may be more round and another more oval.
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I guess I should have added that I have been to 2 shops who tried to convince me that the extra room in the helmet was fine. Already have gone through the 9, fuse, and s4. Leedom scream and limit cuts, boeri tactic, myto, etc.

I completely agree about buying locally and did so, but unfortunately, I have no way of knowing whether or not they have a clue...from what I have been reading here about fit and head shape...the 2 shops I visited were clueLESS. They just started dumping helmets on me and shaking them around. No mention of head shape, trying to roll the helmet back etc.

Most likely I will wait until Colorado next month and visit a reputable shop in Breckenridge.
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Don't go too much by the marked size, I found they vary a lot between brands.

I got a Carrera (fireball I think) but it felt like skiing with a bowling ball on my head. Got a briko forerunner instead and I must admit that, despite being a reluctant helmet wearer, it works well and is a lot less restrictive than I had thought. I do have a Carrera available cheap though.....
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I am heading back to the shop to return the Marker tomorrow and will give them a last shot to provide real service this time. Actually I will go to the other location to see about more trained staff.

I hate the idea of a bowling ball, great plug! Just kidding, I will give them all a shot...at this point there are only a few brands left to try before I just stick with my good old wool hat.
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Have you tried a helmet with a thin balaclava on? That may help, too. I love my M3, but it fits snug enough to not tip back a lot. You could try some of the pads in front/rear, too.
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The Airborne is a nice helmet-we sell Carrera and it is one of our most popular models. What is your head size? I am a size 6 7/8" hat and the helmet size M fits me well. More important with helmets than circumference of your head is the how it fits-everyone has a different size head (kind of like goggles-most people only fit 10-20% of goggles REALLY well). You will have to try it on and see!
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Originally Posted by ssh
Have you tried a helmet with a thin balaclava on?
What he said. Even a thin sweatband or skullcap (to make it easier to wash) makes a difference.

You may want to check the Salomons at Dick's and further see if you can't find a Jofa dealer.
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Thanks for the suggestions! I went to the sister store on Saturday which had a much better selection and IMO a more educated staff as far as the fit of the different brands. Ended up returning the M3 and tried pretty much every helmet they had. It came down to the K2 Ultramatic and the Boeri Tactic.

The solution for me was the Boeri Tactic. It fits like a glove, literally. Snug but not uncomfortable, very little movement when buckled, and the head-lock system is a great feature. After 5 or 10 minutes, I cannot feel it which is great. Granted, the cyborg color they had is ugly as sin, but I can live with it.

The K2 was amazingly light but seemed to sit more like a skull cap, it just did not give me the same sense of security that the Boeri did.

I hope to give it a field test in the coming weeks. The combination of vent plugs plus the active vents should work well. All in all, I am glad I went back.

The skull cap is a great suggestion, even with this helmet I am going to pick one up. I like the idea of washing that more often than the helmet liner itself.

Thanks to all for your help!
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