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Since Terry has started skiing again after almost 15 years, we were hoping to have her ski on her old boots for this year and pick up some over the summer. Her old boots (Salomon SX91 Equipes that were fit by Bob Gleason back in 1987 or so), however, aren't cooperating. The rubber on the outside of the liners is beginning to self-destruct while she skis on them, so it's likely we're going to have to get her new boots sooner rather than later.

I will take her into the local shops to try on boots, but would appreciate any recommendations that you all may have for her foot size and shape to get us started. She wears an 8 1/2 street shoe and her width is A and AA with a very narrow heel (relatively speaking). She pronates a lot, but I'll plan to move Bob's footbeds into the boots until I can get her in to see one of our resident boot balancing experts.

She is currently a level 7 skier, does not ski agressively (green and blue terrain), and our current learning focus with her is tipping and leg rotation (she uses upper body rotation exclusively to shape her turns today). We will be skiing with our young children a lot, so warmth and comfort will be more important than performance (this contributed to my inability to judge what might be best for her: my priorities are the opposite!).

What suggestions do you have? Advthanksance!