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Morgan County, Utah

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Trappers Loop gives residents of Morgan County easy access to Snowbasin. It is 40 minutes from the PC resorts.

The place is beautiful.

Anyone think this county will potentially become the next Summit County, or more of a resort destination?

Any input appreciated.

I am trying to figure out if property there is worth purchasing.
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Are You talking about Summit County Ut? or Summit County CO? I've looked around Morgan. The Valley is beautiful. The location is pretty good for getting to Snowbasin,but thats about it. The Old down town part Morgan looks like with some TLC it could nice. I don't see it as a growth area or a great place to be if you are looking for a retreat, vacation home or investment. There is already a base building in the Huntsville, Eden area between Snowbasin and Powder Mountain. That area is closer to skiing, golf and other recreation. Pine View lake is right there and you all have access to The near by Wasatch-Cache Nat forest. I don't see Morgan taking off and being any kind of "resort community" Take a look at places like Oakley Kamas and Wanship they still haven't really taken off (all in Summit County Ut). Heber is just starting to mature and Midway is growing as a golf community and has close access to Deer Valley and Park City. For investment I might look to Ogden the old parts of Ogden have been pretty run down and might be on the verge of getting that much needed TLC, investment.
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Thanks for the insight.

Ogden Valley (Eden, Huntsville) does look like a more up and coming area.

You made some good points about Kama, Oakley, and Wanship. IT takes years and years to develop areas like that.
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