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Morgan County, Utah

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Trappers Loop gives residents of Morgan County easy access to Snowbasin. It is 40 minutes from the PC resorts.

The place is beautiful.

Anyone think this county will potentially become the next Summit County, or more of a resort destination?

Any input appreciated.

I am trying to figure out if property there is worth purchasing.
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It depends on Earl Holding. If/when he develops beds (hotels,condos, houses) or sales land for development at Snowbasin then Morgan Valley and Ogden Valley will both take off.

Will it compare to Summit County? Probally not. I don't think its a bad bet tho, given the quality of everything at Snowbasin. And don't forget about Powder. I have been looking to buy in the area and just have not found the right property. My thinking is that you can't lose. Snowbasin and Powder are the two best sister mountains in North America. I love the contrast between them and I love the area. If it never booms so be it, if it does you will make a lot of money.
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See my post up in the gen ski forum
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Yea, I tried to delete this thread after I posted in the gen ski forum but couldn't figure it out.

I'm a bit stoopid that way.
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This thread makes me sad.
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3Z, I understand that this can be a tramatic for people who make The Ogden Valley thier home.Investors are coming and as they say money talks. The fact is that development is already there and more will come. The best that people can do is gather together and make sure your voice is heard. In Park City , Summit and Wasatch County there isa group call Citizen Allied for Responsible growth or CARG. CARG has had a very possitive impact on what has been built in this area. An orginization like this can be effective. This is a way for people in your area to make sure that you are not over whelmed by runaway growth. Away to have a voice in what goes on in the Valley.
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