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Fairly common injury i see. A long time ago i had those injury prone wrap around the wrist handles on my ski poles. Well...one day i stoped for a breather and the views. Didnt know my downhill ski was atop my ski pole basket. Then as i leaned downhill and to step forward nothing went down hill except the full weight of my upper torso. Needless to say my fist which was locked in the pole handle came full force to bear upon my lowest rib as i fell flat unto the hard packed slope. The reality of what happened didnt occur to me until i woke up the next morning. Actually i could not move at all. I learned to get out of bed in a very unusual way. Spent an hour or more figuring the least painful way to the phone to call for help.

the memory came up an thought i`d share it
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Skiing West----My pass is my credit card------an extra $ 20 cash and a small chunk of pariffin (if it's warm out)

Skiing East----A credit card----and extra $20 and again the wax.

Trail maps wherever I am, even when I know the place.
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When teaching, it's easy. The only stuff I have in my SS jacket (ski school! I'm NOT a nazi!! ) is about $10 for lunch, some lip stuff and a ski strap.

However, now that I'm a GDI (gaw dang indEEEpendent), I have my wallet, keys (in pants pocket), lip stuff, ski strap, sometimes a small Nikon digital camera (usually only when making wedge turns with my daughter - oh yeah, tissues and a zip-loc of crakers and pretzels when skiing with her), loose change, and God only knows what else. Sometimes I also have my cell phone with me, but I usually leave it in the car. When I ski with my daughter I should bring a small camelback.
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Yes, that does indeed suck. I have 'key injury' on my butt from a relatively minor spill I took and slid about 50' on my behind. Just a little red prick mark but quite annoying and sore. Too bad I don't trust people and can't leave my keys back in the lodge in my bag.
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The worst part of this is the cold I picked up the day before the trip. I'm still in the coughing stage. Every time I cough, it feels like a pissed off biker with steel toe boots is kicking me in the ribs for looking at his girlfriend. And that's just not fair.

After all, what was she doing on stage wearing nothing but a smile, anyways?!?

(cough, yeeooowwww!)
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Originally Posted by Damato
I leave the wallet at home for day trips or in the room on longer excursions. Money clip w/cash, ID and credit card. I lock the car keys in my vehicle -- it's got a key pad on the driver's door for entry. I'm always fearful of losing the keys somehow on the mountain and being up a creek a few hours from home.

Once I was at Hunter Mountain, I accidently left my pocket open, followed by a face plant in 18" of fresh snow. I noticed the open pocket about two hours later.

The nice lady at the lost & found showed me about 300 pair of keys. (none of which were mine).

I'll leave out the part about bribing the AAA guy to hot wire my car.

Two weeks later I was back at Hunter so out of curiousity I went to the lost & found. My keys were sitting right on top of the pile. Whoever found them kept my $12 swiss army knife, but was nice enough to leave my $150 key chain (a gift).
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I had a friend get a helicopter ride that way. He fell on his chest with a camera in his pocket. Camera broke his ribs, ribs went through his lungs......
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Originally Posted by RatherPlayThanWork
Once I was at Hunter Mountain, I accidently left my pocket open, followed by a face plant in 18" of fresh snow. I noticed the open pocket about two hours later.
A buddy lost his cell phone in the bowls at Vail under similar circumstances (that'll teach him for carrying it!). A skier fell in the same spot a month or so later and found the phone!!!! D'OH!
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DNA Munchie ski pants have a bunch of pockets and they all have zippers. Everythings down low and easy to get to.
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So, what's a SAFE way to carry radios? My kids and I carry motorola radios - in chest pockets - and it seems not such a good idea after reading this thread.

I've also carried the radio on a long lanyard around my neck, hanging down below chest. Thought at the time that having something around my neck was not so smart ... but it maybe it's less likely to break ribs that way?
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I have a nice little fabric zip purse thing - made by some south american or indian or something....

Every winter this becomes my purse.... I carry drivers licence & a credit card & some cash.... regular purse stays with work stuff...
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Neck Pouch

I use a traveller's neck pouch and stuff it under my shirt/sweater. Keeps everything consolidated and I'm certain I have everything. Started doing this after things kept falling out of pockets and when I got bibs with no pockets at all. Only problem is on the first day back to work, I fergets to move everything back. Looks kinda like this one http://tinyurl.com/5kop3, except mine has the front pocket clear. If you do it right you'll look like a VIP in the lodge!
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SAFE way to carry radios

I put mine into a holder and velcro'd it to the strap on my bib overall. Done this for two seasons and it works out pretty well. Stays out of the way and never gets in the way during a fall (what, me fall???
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A previous ski scool director of mine was in the start gate for a Saturday night race series we used to have (Nastar style course). He got a bit too aggressive in the start and double ejected, leaving both skis waiting calmly for him, as he did a swan dive down the start ramp, right onto his full sized Motorola business band radio which was in a radio chest pouch. UUGGHH! Luckily nothing more than his ego got busted. Even the radio survived.
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All these stories and not one about a FLASK ! Lost a ski and plowed into the back of a mogul , cracked a rib but the one that cured me of anything solid in the upper body area was a walkman . In the early 80's the walkman thing was just getting started but they were huge and needed alot of battery power (6 C-cells to get through a weekend) . This thing straped to your chest is in the wrong place when your in a tuck and a kid comes out of the trees . The kid left me no option but to move my line over which would never have been my route of choice , the rollers now in front of me were too far apart to clear together and too close to absorb the second one . The resulting impact was the result of knees buckling and then hitting face first , chest next, etc.etc.etc. Unknown to me my wife and one of my buddies were on the chair and saw the full event , she says it's one of the only times she's actually been concerned and that Don laughed all the way to the top , when I got up and turned around there were pieces of plastic everywhere and a battery still rolling down the hill . The doctor said that coughing would be the worst thing (3 ribs) , even worse than the broken collar bone and the blurred vision (concussion).
I won't even get into the hazards of a wiskey bottle in the leg pocket on a pair of insulated coveralls , a snowmobile and a Saskatchewan snowstorm on boxing day.
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