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New Toys, AX3's

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I'm have new Volkl 7.24 AX3's in 170cm. I thinking of putting the Marker 1200 piston or Atomic centric binding on them. What are your thoughts? Don't worry, I know how to ski well, I have time to pick a binding so I figured I try and get some discussion going...

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1200 Piston. I've got both bindings, and I like what the piston does. The slide thing on the Atomics doesn't do much for me. In fact, I skiied a whole day with one all the way forward, and the other all the way back, and never noticed until I put the skis away.
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I have the centric binding on my 10EX's and like what it dose for the ski. I have a friend in NY that has the centric on G3's, she just made her PSIA II. I will ask her her she likes them. She was hard to talk with all last season, she was focused on making level II. I don't think she played much with the binding.

I know what you mean about haviing the skis in different settings. I skied the Blow Hole at Blackcomb with the bindings in different settings, (2 & 3). I didn't noticed anything strange. But when I have moved them to the back on powder days and forward on firm days, I can tell the difference. I can also feel the difference in the Marker SC bindings. I know some people say they can not tell the difference in the SC either.

I have also skied a buddies K2 Mach S with the piston, I noly skied them with the piston on, I felt they made the ski very stiff. I skied his other pair of Mach S's with the SC binding and liked them so much I didn't want to give them back.

I'm kind of leaning towards the Piston for my AX3's, but I have time.
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What about 1300 Pistons? That includes the "Comshock Piston" which I don't think comes on the 1200.
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Is that something new ? The 02/03 marker web site doesn't talk about a comshock piston, just the normal piston. I know where I can get the 1200 piston for a good price.

I just checked "ebay" yes the Ti 1200 piston from last year has the comshock piston. I think most of us have just changed the name to the piston binding, seems like we all dropped the "com".

You can trust what you read on ebay, right???

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Actually the Comshock Piston is in the toe assembly, it is not the main piston (the one in the middle of the binding assembly, underfoot).
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the comshock piston is in the toe piece as John J says & unless something has changed for this season it comes on the 1300 piston & up but not the 1200 piston, I have the 1200 piston on my mach s 174cm & my axis x pro 181cm, also have a new pair in the box waiting for a home on some axis xp 174cm when I find a good deal.
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Thanks, I'll check into the 1300.
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