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Nearly new Head XP70 ski from the 2002 Season - 170 cm long, with new Salomon S810ti bindings, these skis have been lightly skied (less than 10 times), tops and bases are in near-new condition. Dimensions are 113-64-96. These are incredibly forgiving and confidence-building skis for upper intermediates and just-on-the-verge-of-becoming-advanced skiers. Skis feature Head’s patented Carbon jacket technology (wrapped around a wood core), as well as lightweight, strong Titanium-laminates. The relatively generous sidecut means very easy turn initiation; the length (170cm) is fast enough for higher speed cruising but light and lively enough for quicker fall-line turns and even bumps. These skis fall somewhere in between the generalized ‘All-Mountain’ - and dedicated Carving categories. The XP70 received high reviews from Peter Keelty’s “Real Skier” website, which had this to say about it: “We really like this ski. Kind of a blend between the (stiffer) Head XP80 and the (softer) XP60, retaining the power and stability of the XP80, combined with the quickness and forgiving nature of the XP60. Our favorite in this series.” For aspiring and improving all-mountain skiers, these are sweet boards. If they have a defect, their lightness and relatively soft nature means that they don’t plow easily through crud or nasty junk snow like some heavier, fatter off-piste boards (crud-busters); and their relatively narrow waist means they're (obviously) not a primo choice for deep(er) powder.

The bindings, Salomon S810ti’s, are excellent Salomon products whose titanium components lighten weight without sacrificing strength; bindings are currently set for a Mondopoint 29.5 boot.

Why am I selling them? A few good reasons.… 1) have too many skis and I don’t use them enough and 2) the garage is too small and too crowded and some skis MUST go.

Oh, one other thing... the price. My personal subjective guesstimate is that this combination of skis + bindings should be worth somewhere between $175 and $225 ... but because up-and-coming intermediates are often, by definition, short on cash, that means that the first Epic Ski Bear who plunks down $150 ... gets them.


Digital pictures to be posted shortly. Meanwhile, if interested, either PM me here - or email me directly at -
miguelatf (at) earthlink (dot) net