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I'll put my vote for Whiteface and Jay. Jay is known for having snow conditions as close to CO as you can get without actually being there. They get dumped on when noone else is getting snow. I haven't been ther in over a decade.

I have been to Whiteface twice in the past 3 years, and it's got some serious terrain. A load of fun.

Both areas are known for steep runs, great glades and lots of snow. But Whiteface does have that "iceface" reputation. Both times I've been there, I went in late March or early April.
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Originally Posted by course9x

I can't say these places are as good as out west, but you should check them out.

Stowe, VT 2.5 hours from Albany, NY. AWESOME PLACE, better than mount snow (IMO)

Killington, VT, I think about 2 hours from Albany.
Jay Peak, 3-3.5 from Albany. Never been there but I hear they get the most snow.
Whiteface, NY, may not be Colorado, but they did have the Olympics there, so it can't be that bad eh.
Gore Mountain, NY- awesome place, not as hard as the others, but blows away hunter and belleayre.

I did go to Colorado this November for the first time this year, wasen't too impressed then because there was no snow. I would love to go back beacuse i'm sure its a blast.

I do have a ? for all of you out there though, I know the skiing would keep my in Colorado if I moved, but the rest of the year, NY beats CO hands down. It's soo BROWN out there, wheres the grass?? I just think i'd miss that aspect, what do all of you think???
One things for sure you definitely have a lot of options out here so at least that keeps things interesting. True, CO is good only if you're an outdoor person. It still amazes me how people live out there or were born out there and have never skied! That is such a waste. If you don't like the outdoors CO blows.
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CO blows? Apparently you don't have much experience out here... there is plenty to do if you don't like the outdoors. Denver is one of the best sports towns in the country, with all four (OK, three right now) major sports teams plus a few minor ones as well. The list goes on and on, but I don't need to waste my time any more with an ignorant statement like that.
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Originally Posted by sungwei
Man, I just want someone to tell me about them cause I miss them and I wonder how they've changed. I want to go out there soon, but $$$ is an issue.

Yep, reality can be a drag. I left Colorado and spent much of a decade in Jakarta, Indonesia....elevation 10, latitude 2 degrees south, population 12-18 million (no one knows for sure). I missed Colorado.

Hang in there, I see you back in the mountains in the future.

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