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Atomic CR 412

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I just purchased a pair of 03/04 Atomic C:8's and I'm looking for and pricing bindings for them. I found a pair of Atomic CR 412's online, but I know nothing about them. Are these compatible with these skis, as in direct bolt on? Also, would they compatible with me and my style of skiing? I'm 5'8" and around 200lbs. Ski's are 170cm. I'm a recreational skier, probably on the upper side of intermediate, who skis exclusively on groomed slopes in N. Michigan.
Thanks for any imput folks!!
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Yes. The Atomic binding is compatible with your Atomic skis. The 412 has a DIN range from 4 to 12. Given your info, you'll probably be at a 6 or 7, maybe even 8, which is in the middle where you should be.

Get 'em mounted and go out and have some fun.
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Thanks for the fast reply Atomic_918!

If I could probe you knowledge a little more, when were these bindings in use and what were they're intended application? Finally what is today's equivalent?

Thanx ds
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The C:8 was to be sold as a system including the Device 310 or 412 binding. The only other binding suitable to fit on this ski is the Centro rental/demo model.
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Hey Shovelhead!

I may have misspoken in my earlier post. Check your PM.

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