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Opinions on replacement equipment

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Hi All. Want to say in advance what a great site you have here. On & off over the last year or so I've been checking in and educating myself in the attempt to finalize my purchasing decision on new skis/bindings and maybe boots. I plan to purchase these when the family and I are out in Big Sky the end of March. To date, in addition to what I've learned here, I've spoken with the Lone Mtn. ski shop at Big Sky (seem like great guys) as well as a bootfitter recommended on this site in Bozeman. Anyway, here it goes:

Me/my ability: 50 years old, 6-2, 185, in pretty good shape. Skied extensively during the late 70's and all the 80's until a mogul injury dislocated my shoulder in 1991 (mostly east coast wth some Utah and Jackson Hole thrown in). Since then, the sking has been limited to a few days at 7 springs in PA, a week out in Whistler and most recently, a week in Telluride last year. Candidly, until the shoulder injury, I'd rate myself a pretty strong advanced intermediate, fast with strong traditional parallel technique and liked fast groomed runs (blues or doulble blues for the most part). Never really cared for the moguls or the really steep, but could go down anything (grace would be another matter). Judging from last year, towards the last days, I'd say I'm just about the same skill level before. Fast with strong traditional technique. At Telluride, stayed on the groomers and mixed groomers and bumps - always blue or double blue though. No Spiral Stairs for this guy.

My current equipment: 203Atomic ARCS with Koflach Competition boots (hey it was great stuff in 1985).

Suggested equipment to date: Ski - Dynastar 8000, Volkl 724 Pro and K2 Recons. Length between 176-184; Look or Marker bindings; Boots: to date, have not asked any recommendations. Actually, I just thought since I'm replacing everything else, maybe I should do the boots too. Not to, perhaps would be like purchasing a new Porsche and putting old bias ply tires on it. Not sure about it though.

In conclusion, most of my sking will be annual trips out west. Cost is always a consideration but will not be the deciding factor in any case. Plan to demo what was suggested to date and hope some are left, in the right size when I purchase. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for reading and your time.
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I'd come down one or two waist widths in each mfr's recommendation, i.e....

Dynastar 4800
K2 Apache Crossfire
Volkl 7 24 EXS

at your professed level there's little reason to go any higher performance than the above models. they're upselling you a wee bit. sorta expected in a slow snow year I guess.

especially based on this year's conditions (almost all hard snow), I think you'd find any waist above 72-74mm to feel a bit bulky. you might be better off just renting/demo-ing this season. then you could just get whatever the conditions warrant.
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I'll second gonz's statement all around

take notes on what you liked, find some good deals on what you liked in the spring and summer.

If you're going to be demo'ing then demo any length you want, but i'd stay just under 180 as a recommendation. 178 dynastar 4800's seem like a good place to start the process. Next I'd hit the Volkl's
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Thanks guys. In your opinion, what about the boots?
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take the money you'd save from buying new skis and spend LOTS of time in the bootfitter's shop trying different models and getting one that suits your foot and your ability. if you don't have custom footbeds, you should get some made by an experienced footbed molder. with this fit-important and most time-consuming expense out of the way, then you can demo a bunch of skis to see what modern stuff feels like. take lessons. then after you get used to the new equipment and the different technique it requires, start shopping for new skis/bindings.

your poles should be fine, although you might find them a bit long.
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