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latest ski terminology...

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Newest ski lingo, coined by yours truly after trying to find some snow to ski on a week ago near Stevens Pass, Washington

SKI RAGE: kind of like road rage, but worse. typically affects winter enthusiasts but has also been know to indirectly affect their non-winter enthusiast friends and family (kind of like second hand smoke). symptoms include recreational disorientation, incoherent mumbling about global warming, a forlorn gaze, daily internet searches to find out where it has snowed and what resorts are open and constant yearning to ride a chairlift while scoping out good lines. people with ski rage can be found at local ski shops perusing significantly discounted winter gear and at local bars sipping face plants, barn burners and hot toddies (typically nothing with pineapples in it). if you cross paths with someone with a case of ski rage, approach with caution and do not mention the terms "phat powder", "the east coast is getting hammered" or "pineapple express".
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I share your pain. I was at Stevens a few days before you and I know what you saw. Alfred Hitchcock couldn't have conceived of a more frightful sight.
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Don't forget, those shopping with ski rage are also dealing with shop employees who for the most part are all suffering an extreme case of ski rage right now. Here in the PNW anyway. The next time you go to your local shop please don't ask "So, is the lack of snow affecting business?" Yes A-hole it is. Or, "You know historicaly, there has always been a big dump in Feb. in years like this." They might sprout fangs, pointy ears, red eyes, and have you for supper with a nice merlot.


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