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7 Springs this weekend.

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Despite the warm weather this week, looks like they're expecting a good 2-4" tomarrow. How will the conditions be this weekend. Should I expect the natural snow trails to be open or closed? Thanks.
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They will prolly be closed, but there will be some good lines available if you know where to hunt and peck.
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We probably got more like 6-8 as I left at 3PM today and it's still coming down. The natural areas were open today (no ropes) but only to those with rock skis. Yesterday, the natural areas were bare. Didn't venture into them today because I didn't feel like repairing skis. Skiing should be decent this weekend, but don't expect spectacular.
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Thx for the report. By the way if either of you know, I'm going to be staying at the village condos for the first time, if anyone's ever stayed there how are they?
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They are pretty nice. Depending on where you are they are ski in ski out, but they are all with in walking distance of the slopes.
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