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Quiz of the week

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Where is this?

Hint: there's not that much white there this year (OK, that could be almost anywhere except Tahoe or Utah, but it's a hint, not a giveaway!)

or try this URL:
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Hint 2: virtually all of the crescent-shaped ridge in the center of the photograph is inbounds terrain (although some requires hiking to access).
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you need a link that works
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Did somebody already guess and now the link is 404???

Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the webmaster
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Bizarre- it works when I click on it. Anyway, I have uploaded the photo to Biglines, and edited the URL. Try it now.
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Big White?
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Well I can tell by the blue paint on the engine that it's a United airplane, and I'm pretty sure it is NOT southern PA. Other than that, I give up.
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No Gonz- you are several states off. Yes, it was a United flight, and it is definitely not southern PA! I had flown this route numerous times, but had never noticed flying right over this ski area before.
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Looks a bit like Crystal Mtn. WA. Don't go there much, but it's at the end of a valley like that with a big river on the other side. If it is Crystal, Mt. Rainier would be on the upper right just outside the picture.

Also it would be under the approach path to SeaTac in good weather.

Edit: The more I look at it the more I think it must be Crystal. (Boy am I setting myself up for a fall if I'm wrong!)
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Originally Posted by pheft
Looks a bit like Crystal Mtn. WA...

Edit: The more I look at it the more I think it must be Crystal. (Boy am I setting myself up for a fall if I'm wrong!)
If you are wrong, that makes two of us.
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you guys are good! Crystal Mt it is, and Rainier is just out of the picture in the upper right. I have flown into Seattle dozens of times (lived there for 9 years) but never noticed flying over Crystal previously.
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Blue Hill Ski Area
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Is this a recent picture? We had a dusting of snow last weekend that could possibly account for the look of the slopes, but if this was taken in the last few days there is no snowpack underneath that beautiful looking white stuff.
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pheft- unfortunately this was not taken recently- it was last year. Actually, there is probably much better skiing at Blue Hills right now! You just have to ride the lift ten to twelve times for every one ride at Crystal to get the same vertical. (I have even skied there- used to live in Brookline).
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Where is this?
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Originally Posted by Wear The Fox Hat
Where is this?
UK? Isn't that a summer ski slope? (no snow)
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Kev, it's a year round slope. In fact, that photo was taken in January. Now, you need to be more precise than saying "UK" - I mean, I could have just said "USA" for dp's...
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well, as my wife said: "Darling, is that Whistler again...?"

And it's not Bracknell

So... Andover?
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You were closer with Bracknell
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I was going to guess that it was another pic from Crystal based on the reports from the PNW
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Crystal has less snow.
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oo! oo! oo!
Is it Hemel Hempstead????

<smug grin>

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You are so clever! : How did you ever guess?
Yes, it's the dry ski slope about 2 minutes from where I work, and from what I gather, it may soon be getting replaced with an indoor slope.
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I wasn't sure which of these guys was you, Fox...
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Is it in the UK? How is it skiing on a year round slope? Does it feel anywhere close to snow?
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kev, that stuff doesn't, but the indoor slopes are snow (ok, man-made, but still it's snow)
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aw, shucks
I guess I'm just smart!!
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