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Fixing old goggle

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I have a Bolle goggle that I bought about 10 years ago. I still love it. The problem is that the thin foam pieces that cover the vents around the goggle are worn out. I wonder if there is anything that could be used to replace the foam pieces.

I think the reason that the thin foam pieces are used is that they let the air in and out so that the outside and inside temparates are kept pretty close, i.e., they keep the goggle clear. Also, they keep snow from coming in.
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I had a similar problem (well, actually, the dog ate some of the foam that pads the goggle frame off of my son's goggles). I tried to patch the missing pieces with the adhesive backed foam weatherstripping that they sell at Home Depot. It works, but isn't great. That foam isn't nearly as soft as the real thing, and the adhesive is not as durable as I had hoped. Although it could be trimmed down, that stuff is much too thick to use for the vents, and the adhesive would interfere with air flow. Perhaps some very breathable but hydrophobic fabric (like a piece of silkweight capiline??) would work?
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