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Mammoth, this weekend

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me, milesb.

if you see blue and black duct tape all over some otherwise white skis, alta stickers on tips, give a holler.

I'm 97% sure that I ski 97% better than 97% of your 97-year-old grandmothers 97% of the time.
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I'm hoping to be there on Friday and Saturday. I'll be the lonely guy skiing Gotama's or White Wizard Explosiv's...no one else wanted to tag along this weekend.
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We usually cruise Stump Alley early (look for Rossi 9S's before I switch) then tend to yo-yo Facelift a little before heading upward. (We'll see; I defer to Miles on his mountain.)

Think about a stop at front of McCoy Station 10-ish, 10:30?

At any rate, will keep an eye out.

Very bright yellow Descente shell, Boeri helmet.
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10 a.m. on Friday or Saturday? I'm good for a couple of runs...
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thinkin' saturday.

(appears a decent chance of getting a little snow friday night, btw.)
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Saturday would have to be at 1:00 pm.
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doh, i'm an eejit

i forgot miles sold his rocketship.
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