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K2 Axis X v. Atomic 9.20 race carve

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Been checking out this forum for a couple of weeks and have seen a lot of valuable info on skis, skiing and these two skis in particular. I'm wondering if anyone has experience with them in a head to head comparison.

I'm a middle aged 6' 210 lb intermediate New England skier with 5 years experience. My Elan SCXs @ 183 cm were a great starter ski but they are really skittish at speed if I don't stay on an edge. They are great on pack and ice but miserable in chop and slop. Both the skis and I are clueless in powder (2 days out of maybe 50 in my ski career.)

Are the Atomics too stiff to work in the chop, slop and post powder moguls? I'm thinking 180s. Will the K2s turn reasonably easily short radius on steeps. (my local shop had 188s on sale)

Also regarding price. My local shop has the BR 9.20s on sale at $400 and another $140 for Atomic bindings. The Axis X would run $450 with another $150 for a marker binding.

Sorry to cover old ground but I'm looking to pin point the info for my narrow purposes. Any htoughts would be appreciated.

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Hi Robbski,
Welcome on board!
I don't know the Atomics, but I will vouch for the Axis X, a very good ski.

Could you tell us a bit more about your skiing ability, and what you like to ski?



P.S. Love your signature quote!
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hey Robski- Wellcome to the family.

I am sure the atomic is a fine ski, but I don't know anything about it personally. Those I've sold them to and have returned for waxing say they like it a lot.

I have the Mod X, which is the Axis X before they changed the name. (why do they do that stuff? sheesh!) Anyway, I like the looks of the Axis X better than my yellow things, but 'what of that?'

I agree with Foxhat. It's a fine ski. It's done everything I want it to do, and I'm still finding out what these puppies can do.

Keep in mind that the only drawback I've read about shaped skis is on an ice hill with a greater than 45° angle. Tip and tail tend to grab but not the boot area. But then most of us don't go there anyway. Well... Fox might. He's daring enough!

You're in the East side of the room? Do you get powder there? Reach down and get a handfull and squeeze. Can you make a snowball? If so it's wet and heavy. That's not powder. That's mashed potatoes! On Mt. Hood we call it Cascade cement. If it's more than 1.5 feet deep, stay out of it. :

Of course Fox might go through and then make me do the same. Then after my crash and burn, climbing out of my hole he'd say, "Bob! Quit sittin' back! Drop and give me 20 - troop!" Just pokin' fun here.

Anyway, if you can, try to demo both.
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Oops left the profile out.

I would call myself an improving intermediate in search of a breakthrough. (intersesting thing about skiing you get better or you get bruised. I should see if I can apply that to golf.) I try to take at least one private lesson per year.

Prefer to ski groomed cruisers and comfortable everywhere but dbl black if the conditions are ok. Like to ski long s turns at moderate speed (skis may be dictating that) if I can but need to use short turns to control speed sometimes. Ski mid size mountains in NH mostly (Waterville or Loon around 2000 vert). Would be just as happy if my 46 year old knees never saw another mogul.. anywhere ... ever. (no offense to those of you that like them.

Honest to God did actually see powder (fluffy 12" no snowball pow) twice and have the pictures and broken helmet to prove it. Must have been some kind of galactic accident or maybe snow was delivered to the wrong mountain by mistake.

Hear you about the cement. I was foolish enough to blunder under the sno guns on a steep on a 34 degree day. 18" deep me on my face and Jimmy Hoffa buried underneath. Not a pretty sight.

Thanks for the feedback and the welcome.
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These are two different types of skis.

The AxisX/ModX is indeed a great ski and because it is a midfat, it will perform well in the pow-pow. It should also give you reasonably good results under icy conditions. Never tried 'em in moguls, however. The Beta Race may be too much for you now. If you are limited to these two skis, I would suggest the K2, however, you would probably be better off with 183 cm.

If you really like Atomic, then consider the Beta Ride series over the Beta Race. The 9.22 shares a similar geometry with the Axis X and gets very favorable reviews. The 9.20 has the same construction as the 9.22, but is narrower at the waist and tail and thus may give you better performance under icy/hardpack conditions as well as in mogul fields. I owned the 9.20s previously and they did very well in the crud. Both of these skis are fairly stiff.

Some of the best deals can be had with Volant skis. The T3 series is excellent (I have the T3 Super, which Jyarddog waxes for me, BTW) and, since Volant has no articulations with any of the binding manufacturers, you can use whatever binding you can get a good deal on without affecting the warranty.

Having written all this, I now realize that I neglected to ask what, if anything, have you demoed? Yor own observations/experiences should ultimately direct you purchasing decision. Best of luck.
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I own both of those ski's now, i have the Mod X in 181 and the Atomic 9.20 race in 180, both are 2000-2001 models. Both are the same as the current 2002 models. The 9.20's are my ski when its icey, and i mean real icey, the Mod X work every were else better for general sking but if you want to run gates then of course the 9.20's but from what you describe i would get the Axis Pro version because of your weight, in a 181 length. I think at 210 lbs the regular X would be to soft for you. The 9.20s in my opinion suck in the crud or any powder, they can do mouguls but the Axis X is better in the moguls than the 9.20 even though the Axis has more shape. The Axis ski is just a better all around ski, so if i had a choice between the 2 and i do own both now but if i could only have one ski it would be an easy choice, the Axis X.

But i only weight 158lbs so i think the X version mite be a little to soft for your weight, the Pro version is the same ski except has a layer of metal to stiffen it up more. Didnt want to add more decisions for you but i wanted you to at least have the info.
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