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Volkl Supersport 6 Star review

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I finally got a chance to ski my 6*'s last night. A little background on me: I have skied since age 3 and am now 24 years old, 6'1" 190lbs. I am a former racer, and this is my first time skiing "all-mountain skis" with the exception of a few runs on my friends Salomon Pilot 10s.

Conditions: Blue Mountain, PA with temps in the 40s. Snow was firmer than expected despite the temps because I was under the lights.

Specs: Supersport 6 star 175, Piston 1400

I have mixed feelings about these skis. At some points I felt they had the "do everything ok, but nothing well" problem. However, I found myself having fun skiing on them.

Short Turns
I first noticed the skis ability in short turns. This is mainly because I was skiing on my 165 race stock p60 for my early runs. I found the 6* ability to make short turns poor at first, but I soon realized the turns it wants to make are simply different than those made by a race SL ski. After skiing a "new school" two footed technique on the P60s I felt I had to adjust my technique to a slightly more traditional one to ski the 6*. Once I became comfortable with the 6* I thought they shined on steeps. Given that I was in PA "steeps" is a bit of a stretch. However, they have some "double diamonds": at Blue Mt that have good pitch in some sections. On these steep sections the 6* wanted to make a nice medium radius turn. I was able to maintain a controlled speed while at the same time being very aggressive. They also handled the conditions well. Some sections of the trail were crusted over, while others were soft and loose, but the 6* handled both conditions well.

Long Turns
I spend most of my time free skiing on GS skis. Therefore, I wanted something suitable for longer radius turns. The 6* clearly was not a GS race ski, but held its own. Although the ski did not naturally want to make long radius turns, the stiffness of the ski made it stable enough to go fast. Also, they felt much longer than a 175 at high speeds.

Medium Radius Turns
The 6* was at its best in medium radius turns. The 16m radius indicted on the skis was exactly what they wanted to do. I have never owned a ski designed to make medium radius, but was pleasantly surprised.

The 6* might be the stiffest feeling ski I have ever been on. While I doubt they are stiffer than my Fischer GS skis they had a stiffer "feel". Despite the stiff feel, I did not find them overly demanding. On steeper sections I loved the stiffness. The skis felt solid under foot and plowed through loose wet snow nicely.

The 6* did everything I wanted it to do in 175. I certainly understand why people say the 168 is the way to go in this ski. If I did not own a dedicated Sl ski i might consider the 168 However, I liked the versatility of the 175. I would never buy this ski in 182, I can't image what it would be good for. I think the 182 would be too long, too stiff, yet would not be a good GS ski.
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I skied on the supersports again tonight in crappy PA conditions... can't wait to move back to New England!! I enjoyed them a lot! I was skiing in solid ice with loose granular on top and they faired very well. I was able to carve on some nasty conditions without too much work. What I continue to like about the 6* the most is that I can ski top to bottom all night without getting tired or feeling like I am really pushing myself. I would suggest them as an option for any racer or former racer who wants something versatile and easy to ski on for an extended duration.
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volkl 6 stars review

I decided this year was my year to switch from straight boards to shaped skis. I was considering a used ski but I have always wanted a pair of Volkls. (I was skiing ELan MBX 203's.) Every Volkl owner I have ever skied with has raved about the way a Volkl ski holds an edge in a turn. So I started reading reviews on the 6 stars. And with out a demo or even skiing a single shaped ski I purchased the 6 's in 175 lengths. I am 5'10" 190 lbs aggressive skier. Member of NSP here at our local 300ft vertical ski hill. Last night was my first chance to ride them. WOW!! WOW!! WOW!! Weather was snowing incredibly hard to rain frozen rain back to hard snow. Temps right around 32-34 accumulation was about 10 inches of heavy chunk! The very first thing I noticed the hook up the edge of these skis get with the snow no more tails kind of skidding through the carve of the turn. (Maybe what some would call a stiff feeling) these skis rocked from small radius turns to large gs carves!! On the hard pack it was like being on rails!!! Roll the ski on edge and its carving! Through the crud and chunk rock solid, we even skied a little off piste between trees in this gunk! And the 6 star's just amazed this "X " long boarder! Thank you Volkl 6 stars I am impressed!! And I still cannot stop GRINNING!!!

Side note!! I had been told by many that shaped ski's need a more centered edge pressure than straight boards so all season I had been working on adjusting my style to be more centered. After only one night on the 6's I am sure they still have a lot to show me but carving letter-perfect s turns on the groomers was almost effortless!!
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Thanks for the review. The 6* are killer skis . I am considering getting a pair of the 6* but will wait it out until the end of the season sales in order to save some $. I may even jump the gun and see what's available on eBay.
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I would check your local dealers I only found 1 pair in my area in 175. Luckly they were on sale and then I got another 30% off the sale price!! I got them cheeper than anything I saw I ebay!!
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All day? Powder?

How do hold up after skiing 6*'s after an entire day? There is some concern that as the day wears on you get worn out because they require more effort (I hear this a lot about the Superspeeds.)

How about skiing in powder - how do they fare? I, too am an east coast skier, very impressed with the super* and superspeed lines for both edge/carving and holding to the mountain at speed. I don't see much pow in my days ahead, but when I do, what can I expect from a very stiff ski?

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I am taking mine to steamboat on thurs mar 3 will let ya know about both when I get back!! so far only done a couple of hours on them. My guess is that they are so much fun to carve and ride that people are wearing themselves out making so many great turns!!! If your wearing yourself out its because you have been skiing hard!! Isn't that why we do this???
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Originally Posted by tarkulich1
How do hold up after skiing 6*'s after an entire day? There is some concern that as the day wears on you get worn out because they require more effort (I hear this a lot about the Superspeeds.)

I thought the 6* was a breeze to ski on all day. However, my reference point is race skis, as the 6* was the first non-race ski I have owned. One thing I will say is that because they are willing to do such a variety of different turn shapes, you can simply change the radius of the turns you are making in order to relax .
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That's odd. I find that you cannot relax when skiing the 6******. They are a ski that is meant to be pushed, and pushed hard. Relax...be back on the tails, and you eat snow. They are fast, and they prefer medium-sized turns. They are not a slolom ski, and they are not a GS ski. They are a fall-line charger. They are perfect ski for places like MRG, or say Goat, at Stowe. They are also great out west when there has not been snow for about 4-5 days. They are NOT powder skis, and they don't pretend to be. When the snow is deeper than boot high, I opt for my AX4s.
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Originally Posted by Canyons
That's odd. I find that you cannot relax when skiing the 6******. They are a ski that is meant to be pushed, and pushed hard. Relax...be back on the tails, and you eat snow.
I think it is all a function of what your point of reference is. As a former racer, the 6* is an easy ride compared to race stock GS or SL skis. I will admit that they are very stiff, sometimes they feel stiffer than my race skis. However, the versatility of the ski makes it an easy ride for me.
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Note that next year there will be a Volkl Allstar ski which is 2mm wider (70mm waist). I don't know if the Allstar replaces the 6 star. CAn't wait for the reviews on the Allstar.
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Originally Posted by catskills
Note that next year there will be a Volkl Allstar ski which is 2mm wider (70mm waist). I don't know if the Allstar replaces the 6 star. CAn't wait for the reviews on the Allstar.
So buy it here and let us know what you think. BTW seller is reliable, I bought 6 Stars from him in September. At $749, these are discounted pretty well for a brand new item. But there are only 2 hours left on the auction, you might get them cheaper.
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Ok got back from Steamboat yesterday. Conditions were less than optimal. No fresh snow in over a week and warm conditions during the day. This was my first trip out west in 8 years. About the 6*s Well first days my legs tired after 4 hours of hard charging non stop skiing. We skied 4 days. The 3rd and 4th day my legs were growing stronger and the skis were performing as I expected when skiing a hard frozen black diamonds they held there line better than anyone in our group! If it was chunky and like riding on marbles they did even better.

On hard frozen moguls they were quite unforgiving get off line a little bit and they would launch you straight ahead in a hurry. (This may have been because of my sloppy techniques) but in the softer moguls they performed very well.

To sum it up first 2 days I was thinking what have I bought this is too much ski for me. After my leg strength increased a little and adapted to mountain skiing compared to what we have in Michigan. (300-500ft vertical) I really grew to love these skis. Conditions at Steamboat were not the best and there were a few places with grass or gravel showing up on some runs on Sunday and Monday. I never had a problem avoiding any of these hazard no matter how fast I was skiing if I cranked the edges in on a hard carve they never let me down soft or frozen didn't matter.

So on Friday and Saturday I was ready to post them up on ebay! Today I love them and would never think of selling them for any price. Off piste on the really steep stuff No-name chutes or North St Pats. (Double black extreme terrain) Never chatter or a moment I felt insecure!

Yes they are a little heavier than some skis but the performance gained its worth it!

I did not get a chance to ski any real powder but I hope they will do as well in that as they did on the hard pack!!!

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Can anyone compare these skis to the Superspeeds?
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Volkl 5-Stars are great too...

I just purchaesed the Volkl 5 Star/Marker Binding (175cm) package along with Salomon Ellipse 9.0 ski boots and carbon fiber poles - new equipment for a 48 year old advanced skier returning to the sport after an 8 year layoff due to back pain/surgery. My last ski was the Rossignol 7G (205cm) GS ski (non-shaped) from about ten years ago. I bought them just as the first shaped/cap skis were being introduced. I had demo'd them (Elans and Salomons) and was unimpressed - the traditional Rossi felt better. By the way, I'm 5'11", 200lbs, Type III skier. On skis since age 8 and prior to the back issues a 20 day a year skier. In additon to all the Eastern skiing I've done since 1965, I have about 90+ days lifetime out west at places from Jackson Hole to Aspen to Alta/Snowbird and I've skiied most of the major resorts in Vermont and NY/NJ. I have not (sadly) skiied in Maine or New Hampshire.

So two weeks ago I got to ski for the first time in 8 years at Gore Mt., NY. I demo'd the Rossignol B2's in the AM and the B1's in the afternoon (both 172 cm). I was unimpressed with them, nothing special. I felt in both cases that my old Rossi GS skis were probably better for the high speed cruising, carving and short swing fall line turns on steeper terrain (I'll be avoiding bumps because of my back) that characterize my personal skiing technique and style. But I was so excited to be skiing again and my back reacted favorably - so I went to Ski Barn and bought ski gear for me and my wife the following week.

I got to ski my 5 Stars for four hours last Sunday. I don't have enough adjectives to describe what a revelation this ski was for me. Revelation, revolution - INCREDIBLE. By FAR the best ski I've ever skiied. My old Rossi GS skis would have been skidding across some of the boilerplate the Volkls were carving up like butter. Fast GS turns @ 30mph+, they were as quiet as any ski I've ever experienced. They dove through shallow junk without a whimper. For short swing turns down the fall line - slalom style - they were fabulous - they turn the instant you think about it (how did Volkl wire these boards to the turning center of my brain) and they HOLD when you edge on them - absolute, undeniable, no question edge control. Again, like NOTHING I have ever experienced. They did everything my 205cm Rossi's did and they are THIRTY cm's SHORTER. That's just mind blowing to somebody who's not used to this new shaped ski technology. I'm still reeling from this a week later. How great is this new technology? I had read a lot about how shaped skis were revolutionizing the sport but hadn't personally seen what all the hype was about. The Volkls totally deliver on every bit of that hype and then some.

My Salomon Ellipse 9 boots were like high performance boots with great edge feel - that felt closer to comfortable normal shoes than anything I've ever owned. My old Lange Mid 5.0's (c.1991)were supposed to be user-friendly comfortable expert boots - but the Salomons do a far better job of actually deivering on those promises. Top this all off with nice light carbon fiber poles (the kind I should have sprung for ten years ago but was always too cheap, Ski Barn graciousy threw them in for free after I bought all that ski gear) and you have a happy camper.

Every advanced skiier I have ever known has raved about their Volkls. Now I know why. Somebody tell me where I can order a Volkl T-shirt for Apres Ski!!!
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Originally Posted by CP
Can anyone compare these skis to the Superspeeds?
From this review: (regarding the Superspeed) "While I didn’t get to ski the 6* this year, this ski seemed a bit more of an all-around ski. I skied it fast and hard, and it handled every condition well. It doesn’t turn quite as quick as the 6*, but pays that back in speed."
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great skis

I personally own a pair of 6*s myself. These skis are a blast! The only problem I have is that you can't relax on them becuase they are so stiff and unforgiving. But boy when you work them you get a huge reward and that it perfect arcs on every turn.
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Supersport All-Stars 2005-06

This year I demoed 5-star, 6-star, Gamma 5-star (a joke) and some kind of Rossi B-something. Then I bought next year's All Stars (161mm) on the first day at Squaw this weekend and I feel like I'll never need another ski. (Except maybe a really fat powder ski for 14"+.) The All Stars are noticeably lighter to carry than the 6-stars but just as meaty to ski, and more forgiving in the bumps.

I'm 5'3", 125 lbs, but very aggressive and can't stand squirelly-ness or chatter, which was previously a problem with every ski I demoed except the 6-stars. But the 6-stars were so heavy I wasn't sure I wanted to hike with them! I ski as steep as possible, preferably powder of course, bumps when there's no powder, groomers only when nothing else is open. I was looking for an all mountain ski I could ski on both sides of the country, and my old Volkl racing skis just killed my knees in the western crud.

This is what I found on the All Stars:

This weekend I was at Squaw Valley in heavy spring corn & slush the first two days and super fast groomers and icy bumps yesterday when it was cold and windy. Sunday we also hiked up Granite Chief and skied the steep chutes in the heavy crud and soft moguls.

The All Stars handled every form of bad conditions as if they were ideal cold-weather freshies and I easily held the fall line even on the iciest chop & bumps. They felt more like driving a BMW than any ski I've ever tried, and they were worth every penny I spent. I've never had so much fun at high speeds as I did at the end of the day on the steepest groomers--I think I broke my own land speed record for GS turns.

Obviously I highly recommend these skis for an all mountain compromise!
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