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ski swaps in the PNW

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As a spin-off from the thread regarding kid's equipment I'm looking for ski swaps in the PNW, preferable Portland or Bend area. Who puts them on and when do they happen. I've noticed a few, usually a week AFTER they happened and want to plan ahead for next season.
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We already had a ski expo here in Portland. I believe it was in late November. Don't think there is another one coming up. If you are planing ahead, then keep a lookout for the Portland expo/swap in those free ski rags you pick up at all of the ski shops. It should be listed a least a month in advance.
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I often hit the Corvallis & Eugene ski swaps when I lived in Oregon. You have to get there early for adult gear because of all the college students in each town. The Corvallis swape is held at the Benton County Fairgrounds. The swap in Eugene is held at the Lane County Fairgrounds. Both were in the fall. You can keep track of when they are happening by looking at the county fairground's calendar of events.
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Thanks for the responses.

Rio- Found the date for the Lane County ski swap on their web page. Thanks.
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For kid's stuff, I'm told that the Catlin Gable School has a great Yard Sale in the Expo Center sometime in October-November. But I've never been to it.
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maybe a little far for you, but the last weekend in OCT every year is the Mt Spokane Swap at the interstate fairground in Spokane. It's a fundraiser for ski patrol, takes up 50000+ (3 buildings) at the fairgrounds, features new and used stuff.
It's one of the largest and oldest in the nation, services OR, WA, ID, MT and BC. (that's how far people come from to shop) We've even had guide services come up from CO and clean out all the tele gear.
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