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Length for 1080

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hi guys
i've been reading up on the 1080, and thought it might be good for me.
im 178cm tall, 85kg, like to do tricks but want to be able to curve as well. i doubt ill spend much time in the park.
do i go 161? or 171? i say im low intermediate level.
the 161 has radius of 14.8m and the 171 has radius of 17.1m, which one would i benefit more from?
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Get the 171...

Also be aware that they have a more forward mounting point, so they end up feeling shorter than you might expect when mounted at that point. I skied the 181 for 2-seasons and I'm 175 lbs. and 5'8" tall. I do ride the park...quite often.
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I'm your height, 80 kg and got the 181 1080 mounted 2 cm back which is fine if you don't hit the park too often. As BM said they ski shorter than the length suggests.
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I'm 5'8" 160-170 pounds and I ski on the 171s.
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ok thanks im 5'11" btw
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um one question about the 1080

can i take the 1080 and use it as an all mountain ski? like would i be able to take it down black runs?
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I have certainly found that you can ski them anywhere, they work well as an all-mountain ski. Have even run a couple of GS's on them when I didn't have anything else with me!! I have the model prior to the space-frame in a 169. Bandit Man makes a good point about the mounting point. It had never occurred to me at the time but the first day I used them I was ready to give them away because I couldn't get them to work at all. Once I got dialled in and adjusted to it it was fine, just requires getting used to. Now it has been mentioned here I may try moving them just out of curiousity.
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ok i've been doing heaps of reading on the 1080 on this forum, and i came across a 2nd hand pair of JF Cusson Signature Model 1080 for a decent price.

should 1..

1) get that?


2) get the new 05/06 one? (the white one with the eagles)
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Not sure what is the difference on the signature model so can't give any advice there. If you want it mainly for all mountain I would go rather for the stiffer Candide Labs than for the regular ones and mount binders 3 cm back from center mark.
Just my 0.02.
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any opinion on the 1080 mogul?
it has waist 68...
thats really skinny..
how will it perform compared to the normal 1080?
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um im 5'11" and 187lbs...
would i be too heavy for it? or should i go something stiffer?
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