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As the title indicates, just returned from 7 days in N Tahoe with my new 168 S12 Fusions.

Me - 5' 7", 140lbs, Level 7/8.

Terrain - Alpine Meadows, Squaw Valley, Sugar Bowl, Northstar. Conditions ranged from fresh packed to machine groomed/hardpack. Skied steep hardpack as well as steep bumps, days old crud and most everything in between. Snuck in a half-dozen runs down a moderate GS course at Squaw as well.

Overall, I absolutely loved these skis. For a ski with two sheets of titanium, it was surprisingly easy to handle in bumps, anything from intermediate bumps up to Palisades and Keyhole at Alpine, to GS Bowl off KT22 at Squaw. 168 is the shortest length that i've skied to date, so this would obviously help in the bumps, but I was frankly expecting the ski to be much more difficult in the bumps given the titanium and given the fact that it is designed more as a high-speed carver/detuned GS ski. Fantastic in bumps.

The weight of the skis (these are heavy, though you don't really feel it when you strap em on, just when carrying them...) really helped blast through days-old crud/crusty bumps.

Groomed steeps - never really found a speed limit for these skis. Were a real blast to rip GS turns down Sugar Bowl's East Face. I gained confidence in these as the day wore on, pushing them a little more each run. Never once did they waver. From the wider turns at Sugar Bowl to tighter radius fall line turns on a groomed stretch off KT22, they were, once figured out, pretty easy to ski either way, or to adjust radius mid-turn. As a self-admitted speed freak of sorts, these skis did not let me down. And given their versatility in bumps, I'd be more than happy to head to the mountains with only the S12s.

The bad news? Well, on the aforementioned GS course at Squaw, the Elans, while they performed well, were noticeably slower edge-to-edge compared to my Salomon Equipe 10 2V GS skis. That is what I expected - though I was surprised that the Elans really did not make me miss my GS skis on even the steepest hardpacked trails. Only in gates did I wish for another ski.

Interestingly, after 7 full days at the N Tahoe resorts, I counted 4 other pairs of Elans - none newer than 5 years old. Salomon Crossmax.*, Scream.*, K2 Axis.*, Atomics and Volkls dominated the slopes. For a ski that is supposed to be selling well, where are all the other S12s?? I'd be lying if I said I didn't derive just a little pleasure from flying by countless pairs of Sollies, K2s, Atomics, etc on my "junior level rental skis"...hah.

So if you're in the market for an expert-level ski that offers 95% of the at-speed hold of a true GS ski (except in the gates) while performing exceedingly well in bumps and crud...and if you can overcome the years of negative stereotyping associated with the Elan name...give the S12 a shot. I think you'll be hooked...