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New atomic model Izor

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Is the Atomic Izor A new model ?
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A google search shows an article that says it is an intermediate ski made with the use of nano materials to make it both strong and light, interesting.
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Yes the Izor line is a new Range in the Atomic collection. Careful to call it "intermediate" though! There are four models and a couple of side cuts in the Izor line and the are some of the best skis I have ever skied.
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The Izor line also means an end of the old "carving" (later C-skis) with the most popular evergreen C:9.

Izor 9:7 and 7:5: 72 mm waist, 132-168 (177?)cm, radius 12-16 m
Izor 5:3 and 3:1: 68 mm, 132-168 cm, radius 12-16 m
For allmountain intermediates.
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Originally Posted by chris719
ski made with the use of nano materials
Resistance is futile!
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