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B5 Metron Tuning

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Has anyone tried tuning an out of the wrapper B5 or M11??? I've tried two new B5s and two M11s and they will not 1 degree base file unless they are base ground!!! I used a Toko 1 degree base and a marker on the edges and you can not get it to tune properly except under the bindings.
Maybe the issue of the Metrons not performing as well on hard steep ice is a tune problem?? Tune my Fischer S500s to 1 base , 3 side and they will hold on ice no problem.
Before I have my new B5s base ground would like some input. Have skied the B5 alot lately ( my friends ). Outstanding ski!!! Was suspect on steep ice. Checked his tune, not even close to 1 base maybe 1.5 to 2. Quality control issue???
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I skied mine right out of the wrapper and they skied fine. touched them up a couple of times with my combo jig set at 1 and 3 and they sharpened up with no problem. I've also had them in the shop for two full tunes and they seemed to ski much the same, only difference being a sharper edge.

Steep Ice? we've had that too lately. They ski that fine also. Later, RicB.
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Some early runs of the Metron skis have over beveled base edges.

I skied mine late last year out of the wrapper and got a grind early season this year.

It made a world of difference.

When I skied them out of the wrapper the tips and tails were washing. Getting them to a good tuner fixed them. The bevels were anywhere from 2 to 4 along the base edge.

The problem with tuning the Metrons are that they have such a radical shape it is easy to mess up a grind or edge set.
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