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Kneissl t@nker

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I have just desided to buy a pair of Kneissl t@nker next week.
But idont know if i shall buy 180Cm or 190Cm. I weigh 85Kg and i am 180Cm long. My latest skis was a pair of Volkl G4 188Cm.
You can read surface area for lenght 190/1948cm2, 180/1846cm2 and 170/1743cm2.
With my limited experience it seems like its enough with 180cm?
What do you folks out there think? Is it worth the effort to go for 10cm extra floatation (sorry for my bad english..)
Bottomless powder is very rare in my playground..

[img] http--www.skiworld.co.kr-photo-column-highland02-DSC00001.JPG [/img]

Best Regards
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There's been quite a lot of discussion about this ski over on the powdermag board. Might want to ask the same question over there. Of course they might be as nice as everyone here.

T@nker Discussion
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Thanks for the advise!
Powdermag is also a good forum (but this one is outstanding)

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