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Snowboarding after a concussion

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My son had a concussion snowbarding about a month ago ( was wearing a helmet). He wants to go snowboarding again but because of the lack of snow in Washington, it would require an out of state trip.

He appears fine in everyday activities but he said while playing basketball a week ago that the horizon would "tilt" sometimes when running back on defense. He has not played basketball since then because he has not had an opportunity. He has no other symptoms and feels fine otherwise.

The neuroligists that treated him at the hospital after his injury said he should be able to play sports and snowboard 2 weeks after the accident (which would have been 2 weeks ago).

Do You think it would be ok for him to try snowboarding now on moderate slopes and slow speeds.


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He should be fine to go, I have the same thing happen to me every now and then. (I've had several concussions) I've never gotten a doctors advice on it, but its never bothered me too much. (happens maybe 1x every 6 months) If you really feel the need to consult a doctor, I would. Better safe than sorry.
You also should replace the helmet if he got hit hard enough to cause a concussion.
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I will replace the helmet. I have already been to ski shop and think i found one we want.

Thanks for information

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