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Mount Bachelor Ski Conditions

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Has anyone skied Mount Bachelor in the last few days? If so please let me know what the conditions were like.


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At the moment it is very good. About 5 new inches and almost 60" base. Today was clear, calm and cold. Very fast and the Summit and NW chairs were skiable. No crowds and Rep. demo days are on till the 9th. NASTAR and City League will be racing this weekend along with Oregon Adaptive Skiing Program. Film @ 11.
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Slider, thanks for info, maybe i will head down this week. Do you the the crowds will be pretty bad this weekend.


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Originally Posted by TomO
Do you the the crowds will be pretty bad this weekend.
Relative to what? Their hasn't been a line on the Northwest lift this year. A few minutes at Pine Martin is likely, what with the new snow. A big crowd at Bachelor is and empty resort in the Dolomites.
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I do not think it will be too bad. Outback and NW chairs are usually quiet on the weekends. Give me a shout if you come down. I'll be doing some racing and guiding a few sit skiers this weekend.
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Thanks for the information slider I will let you know if i come down.

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