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Just got back from the 3 day X-team clinic @ sugarbush. Coaching was by the Egan Bros, Dean Decus & some better Dynastar sponsored skiers.

I have never had my butt kicked across the mtn so much. They had a great approach & it completely changed the way I look at skiing. I would highy rec to anyone looking to bump up a notch in ability.
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never even heard of them (the clinics) before, I'll have to take a look.

What is the principle goal of the clinic?
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My understanding is that x-team clinics, All mountain ski pros, etc are mini camps or packages designed more to take the intermediate-advanced skier and "push them over the edge". they work not so much on "proper technique" but are more about opening up the whole mountain to a skier. Off Piste, tactics, etc. Eski and Holiday are both instructors with this focus. They are fantastic skiers and instructors. Their instruction will make you a better and more confident skier. Where they part with conventional instruction, I'll let them explain.
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more info on All mountain ski pros

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yeah... dchan had it right. The camp focus was different b/c there was zero time spent on carving. Most of the time was spend on getting forward on the skis, hips over feet, and focus on "down the hill, movements" with the body/eyes.
I found that once I was not preoccupied with forcing high edge angles or trying to hold onto a perfect carve, things just happened & I was in a ton more contol of my skiing. Most instruction I've had in the past focused on leaving perfect tracks in the snow & contorting my body to acheive this. This also resulted in continous acceleration down the hill. These guys were mostly pivoting and way more agile b/c of their ability to control the speed. When the terrian dictated, carving naturally occured & was way less forced.

also of interest was that most of the coaches were really patient with their turns & let them unfold in a relaxed manner ; nothing was a forced or strenous effort. they were also doing these perfectly smooth turns on skis w/ 10 cm + waists & sizes of ~185-194 cm. their tecnique was really effeicent. They also did not preach any "correct" ways of doing things & the coaches agreed to disagree
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