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DIN12 v.s DIN14

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I wonder if i am going to chose the Salomon 912Ti with DIN12 for a light binding (990grams) or the Marker 1400 Free with DIN 14 (1335grams)for a stiffer binding. Anybody have problem with preleasing of the 912Ti? I weight 85Kg and ski pretty agressive offpist.
Please answer, because i am going to by Volkl G4 tomorrow, but i am not sure what binding i will chose!

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One crazy Swedish freerider
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i can say for shure that your din setting will not exceed 10 but I cannot say if you will pre release. I haven't heard of any probs with the 912's yet. I weigh in at 165-170 6'0 21yrs and ski with my bindings at 8-9 and I haven't had a pre release yet, skiing the 900S equipe's from 1999. mine go to 14 but I don't ever use it. same with a pr of MRR's never crank em up unless I am skiing in a course.
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im not sure about volkl and marker, but i know that rossi extends the ski's warranty to 2 years if you use their bindings. same with slam-on. i ski marker 9.1ti's (on my rossi's, doh!) and i have never had a prerelease problem that so many people speak of. and if you get a warranty extension on the g4's it may be a good idea to go with the markers.
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