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Park City ski recommendations

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Myself and 3 others are headed out to Park City for 5 days and totally clueless as to where to ski. We have skied Vail, A-basin and Keystone the last three years and are up for some of the deep powder we read about. All skiers are early expert, with experience in all the bowls at Vail. I just want to get the most out of our Thurs. - Sunday. We have read about an interconnect back country tour that leaves from Deer Valley also. Any comments on this trip? Any recommendations would be great Thanks guys...
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From what I understand the bowls in Vail are not all that steep. Others who have skied there tell me Utah over all has steeper terrain. I'm not putting Bail down at all. Ok can you do the quick start programat Park City? It worth looking into. Catching Powder is always a good thing Just don't think we have Powder everyday here in Utah. The fact is at the name resorts it gets skied off fast. Take what you can get and enjoy. However a day or two after a storm check out Powder mountain and Snowbasin. If you ski PCMR park in the lower parking lot Take the Eagle lift up to the King Con ridge, ski down seldom seen 9you can only go one way) It makes a nice warm up run to the King Con lift. Now if conditions are right go to the left off the lift and take a look over the cornis you can drop straight in or slid to the right you can ski three runs from there. All long fun black runs. or go to the left and drop into king Con and to the silver load lift. Silver load will have you prety much at mid mountain. go to your right and then stay to the right you will seea big area map behind that map is double Jack take that to the Thayns Canyon lift. Chec out the bump run under the lift and or another run called the hoist.( one of my favorit runs on the mountain) or just side step up the ridge in frount of the lift for a shot down Blue Slip Bowl. runs about 45 degrees at the to mid 30's and keep to skiers right for a another littel shot at the bottom of Blueslip. you will ski past the mid mountain lodge and to the McConkeys lift. At the top of McConkeys you can enter the main bowl or take it from the side or if you are up for a short hike try Puma bowl or the Puma chutes above the bowl. ok your done with Mc Conkeys and you want more time to hit it back to Jupitar Peak area. take the old slow ( nice rest for the legs 0 pioneer Lift at the top to your left is the jupiter access road. myou might have to do a littel poling but not much. There are lines all over back there west face is a hike but fun wide open face pick a line and dropin take the cat tracks at the bottem to the lift. Hit the main bowl and play around there. drop off the back of main bowl into Land of Giants. At the top of the lift traverse to the right to get to Scotts bowl. If you want to do more leg work hike to the top of Pinecone ridge. Deer Valley has a lot to offer there is more there then just great grooming great food and service. If it isa Powder day Deer Valley is a blast. Most of the guest at Deer Valley don't like powder. so they by pass a day of skiing. There is some really good stuff to be found in and around Perserevrance bowl. good tree skiing some nice bumps and littel place to after playing there head to mayflower. if it is good this is some fun stuff long steep and not what you think of when you think Deer Valley. Now head over to the far west side of Deer Valley. Empire lodge is a good place to eat. all lodges at deer valley have excellent food. Take the empire lift up and check out empire bowl. this was a secert back country area untill Deer Valley opened it. hit The bowl play in the lines there and if your up for it take the hike over to the Daly bowl and Daly Chuts. If the cornice is built up I have seen 25 to 30 foot drops from the top. into the Chuts. keep ging out on the rige and there are some steep tree shots all leading back to The lift.
Canyons it might be better if others post as I am still excitedly learning her secrets. Do take a day to get over to the Cottenwood Canyons for a day at Alta or Snowbird. and if possible take the 45 min drive to Snowbasin. have dinner one night at the wasatch brew pub good beer and good food. If you want some local flavor stop in at the No name Saloon. Renes on swede Alley for taco tuesdays is a good bet. Good Viet Namese is Taste of Siagon. Othere who live here will give you some tips as well/ it's al good and you have 10 resorts all within an hour or so of Park city sure you don't want to spend more time here?
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