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18" at the Boat & counting

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And just in time for my arrival manana! :
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Nice man! Enjoy the hell out of that tasty "champagne".
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They were due as I said. Good for you for hitting it at the right time. Actually, I'd say you were a day late. Anyhow, they needed it.
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Im headed there in March

Do you think the snow will be be better by the first week of March?
Obviously its good today but do you think it will be good for a while?
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As long as it keeps on snowing it'll be good in March. Man did we need this snow. Now, just hope the forecast for Friday and Saturday is dead on as well. We, of course, can always use a little more.....especially after the past two weeks.
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Another inch or so this morning and more on the way this weekend!! If you're heading to Steamboat, you picked a great time to come. Waist deep in the trees, face shots galore....it's finally starting to look and feel like Steamboat.
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Yep - it was sick today. I think that brought the three day total to 34" (15 + 18 + 1). Some of the common stuff was skied off - Morningside, chutes on the front, etc. But we took hikes up to the radio tower and no one had been there - completely untouched almost everywhere we went. Our last run of the day down Christmas Tree Gully was awesome. No one is going anywhere near the trees and it's great.
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Just an update while I'm refueling. Had 6" on Sunday and 12-14" so far today. Woke up to 8" and its been steady dumping ever since. : Real nice "Champagne" pow. Tomorrow should be good as well.

Life is good, but coming back on Thursday.

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eat it up Terrapin
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Didn't someone write a post a short while sayiong the Boat sucked and they would probably never go back?

I'm very jealous Terpski.

I'll be back March 3rd.
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