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Ogden/Snowbasin Area

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It's a Utah discussion kind of day today!

My husband (VASKI244) and I are going to Utah and skiing 2/25-2/28. We're staying in Ogden to be near our beloved Snowbasin.

Does anyone have any recommendations for good places to eat in Ogden? We don't need to do a lot of drinking (just SOME drinking ) so a decent atmosphere would be cool.

Also, if you're in the .02 mood, we're planning to ski 2 days at Snowbasin, and 2 days ????

We've been to most places in the SLC area, but if it was you, where would you ski your other 2 days? We're decent (advanced but not expert) skiers who have fun anywhere w/ steep cruisers.

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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If you like good food, go to Deer Valley. Their salad bar is killer.
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Yes, Deer Valley has great food! But I should have specified, more for evenings/dinners, etc.
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Stay on 25th Street. There are some great restaurants there as well as some bars and a brewery.

Bistro 258 is very good

Roosters is good

La Ferrovia is fantastic Italian

Here is a link to help you out:
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have you stopped in at the Shooting Star in Huntsville? They have great bugers and it is the oldest continusly operated saloon in Utah. You could have a beer in a place that Butch and Sundance stopped for a brew on thier way to Ogden. They did plan to break a friend The outlaw Matt Warner out of the Ogden Jail. They camped up there near Huntsville in the Oden Valley.
Other then the Shooting Star I really don'y know Ogden. if you do get over to Park city Try the Deer Valley Seafood Buffet and or The Fireside Dinner. Might want to also look into the Spring Chicken Inn in Morgan Ut. Morgan is a few miles east of Snowbasin just off I 84. They have been around since the 1930's If you are into hunting and fishing There isa Browning Outlet store there in Morgan. They don't sell firearms but just about anything else for hunting and fishing.
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If you go to Morgan and you don't want chicken there is a greasy spoon called Stephs. It is a great place to get awsome milk shakes and greasy burgers. They serve fresh fruit milkshakes year round.
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okolepuka nailed it, 25th st. all the way.
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Ditto on Roosters, and I also like the Union Grill in the train station on 25th, but my favorite is the Bavarian on Harrison: it has never failed to impress guests (including two Swiss who I worked with during the Olympics.)
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These all sound great! It didn't occur to us that there would be much in Ogden to do....but these restaurants are even walking distance from our fabulous Hampton Inn!
Thanks again!
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I think Ogden is working hard to change it's rep from a biker gang town into a real class act small city. Lot's of nice old brick building in the old down town area. With some TLC it could be great.
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Yes, it looks like from the website okolepuka recommended that it's a miniature Park City. It sure seems to have more to offer than I expected.
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