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Hiring Clinics: What to Expect?

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While I may well be jinxing myself by posting this, curiousity has won out over superstition. Breck is doing a hiring clinic on Saturday. Although this is two years ahead of my game plan for becoming an instructor, I find myself tempted to go, even if I am subjecting myself to extreme humiliation. But even if I do not get hired, I have a feeling that it will be a good learning experience, nonetheless. Since I have a feeling that I may not be 100% ready, not getting hired will not devastate me.

I was told by the person in charge that we need to ski interemdiate terrain in all conditions. That should not be a problem, but I do have a few issues with my skiing. How perfect do you have to be? What else should I expect?

Thanks so much!
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So is this hiring clinic for next season's position? Just curious . I've been toying with the idea myself, maybe part-time for next season.
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I never went to an "open" hiring clinic but I would suspect to go ski some but more important, talk with the hiring people. They are probably more interested in your people skills. They also want to know the reason you are interested in teaching, and if you "understand" some of the fundamentals of skiing.

The hiring people I've talked to always tell me, People skills first, We can teach you how to ski and teach. Great skiers do not necessarily make great teachers.

Good luck!
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Dan is right on - people skills first. Then, potential to become a good skier. They will teach you to teach and teach you to ski, and if they know what they are doing, to be passionate about both.
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Based on that, LM, I'd definitely check it out.
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Originally Posted by Blizzard
Dan is right on .
Who's Dan?:
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Sorry, Dchan. I knew an instructor named Dan Chan.
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just funnin ya

Originally Posted by Blizzard
Sorry, Dchan. I knew an instructor named Dan Chan.
and couldn't pass it up.
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LM, I would recomend going if for no other reason than to go through the experience. However, talk to the person in charge of hiring, explain to them that you are ahead of your own expected schedule, but wanted to go through the experience as a learning process, to figure out what you need to work on to be able to best teach when the opportunity is right. Simply put, humility is something that many instructors do not have, often times they think they are the best on the hill (and sometimes are), but there is always something new to learn, and showing/explaining that this is a learning experience (with a potential possitive outcome ahead of schedule) to better prepare yourself, should show a lot to the person in charge of hiring.
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Originally Posted by Lisamarie
How perfect do you have to be? What else should I expect?
Nobody's perfect. You should expect to have fun and learn a lot. You should not expect them to offer you a job. Leave that expectation to us.

I took my first ITC (Instructor Training Clinic) 2 seasons before I started teaching. I told them up front I was doing it just as a learning experience. During my first ITC I was treated as one of the gang and had a great time. Although most ITCs are intended primarily as hiring events, I don't know any resort that will turn away people who do not intend to work that season.

Since the cost of an ITC is usually about the same as lift tickets, the only thing you're really risking is your time.
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hiring clinic

What we're looking for at this hiring clinic will be your ability to interact with your group members and the clinic leader in a positive and upbeat manner. Having the ability to be comfortable in front of a group people that you haven't met before is a huge plus. As for your skiing skills we're looking for solid skills but most importantly the ability and willingness to keep an open mind concerning coaching tips you may receive during the clinic. I hope this helps and good luck this Sat.

aka cdc
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Everybody is saying it, even chuckc. How well do you interact with people. If you are comfortable and you make those around you comfortable you have a great chance of being hired. With your current business that should be second nature to you now.

If you come across in the clinic like you come across here in the forums, I don't see a problem. At my first ski school they hired me because I could talk comfortably in front of people, could put them at ease, and I was open about learning and being coached myself. Hell, I was barely a level 5 skiier back then. I could ski, but it weren't pretty. My first clinics were on how to teach level 1 to 3 and every chance I got to get someone to beat up my skiing, I took it.

Be yourself, have fun, help others around you have fun, and be open to learning and you should land a job.
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Go for it. You are a natural instructor. You love of the sport and ability to communicate with others will get you over the top. Your continued dedication to your own instruction is great that some certified instructors that I know. Like most people have said here keep an open mind about your own skiing and except coaching. However, this goes with out saying. On Sat. I bet you will have the most techincal knowledge of any candidate that has never taught skiing.

In closing be confident in your own knowledge and skiing ability!

Good Luck and Go gettem'

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Expect to do some skiing but more important is the way you interact with others and the group. You will probably be asked to teach the group some sort of skill. Anything you want in a short period of time. This teaching is not limited to skiing and could be anything (fly casting with ski poles, yoga moves, etc.). I believe that your skills as a communicator will be accessed. Skiing ability is important but so are your people skills. Be upbeat and friendly. More important be coach able and open to feedback. Best of Luck!
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Originally Posted by faisasy
So is this hiring clinic for next season's position? Just curious . I've been toying with the idea myself, maybe part-time for next season.
Faisasy, they are hiring for this season. mostly for kids 7-12.
Thanks to all who replied, either on this thread, or by PM. I will reply to PMs after I clean out my rapidly overloading box!: Hopefully, I can find some managers who are still working at my former Boston jobs. The ski school requires two letters of reference.

One last question: What is the average skiing level of the typical applicant? I know we don't use the numeric system that much anymore, but I'm just curious. I'm about a level 6 on a good day.
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Don't know what the average skiing level is of new applicants. I do know several of our new instructors are probably in the level 5-6 skier range. They are improving very quickly. Some of them probably would not pass the Level 1 skiing demos. They are fantastic with the kids and are not needing to teach past level 2 children so it's a good fit. By next season I suspect they will be level 7-8 skiers and would easily pass the level 1 requirements. One good thing for the level 2 and level 3 candidates is that having level 5-8 skiers on staff is now we can practice all our teaching exercises and demos on the other instructors. It's a win-win situation
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LM, I know a few Breck instructors who are level 6-7s, so I think your skiing skills will fit (especially post-ESA!). Don't worry about the skiing. Go be yourself. It's for kids, though, so be careful of using Fush's or Mike_M's imagery!
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hiring clinic

Expect the clinic to have levels 4-9. We don't seperate skiing abilities at this clinic. We find this gives use an opportunity to see how people relate to other canidates of differing backrounds.
As of right now, this will be a lightly attended clinic.

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