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 Heck no!  I like that LCC is a haul, and a tough drive.  Keeps the tourists out!  Let them go to DV, PC, TC.....
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absolutely right Skier219.  From what little I know about that road, I think it is very avalanche prone, and I wonder if even Alta would want that road open, they seem to have enough skiers when i'm there.  Let Them Drive.  

I Won!  Someone told me at the last minute, well 4 days of minutes, about some Snowbird Wiki contest, we had a 3 day snowstorm which shut my life down and I worked at it.  Pretty cool.  I won 3 nts at the Cliff and 6 lift tickets worth about $1500 total.  They didn't mention anything about off season or midweek, hope they aren't going to stick me with mid-week!  Didn't get the booty yet. 

I haven't stayed at the Cliff for like 15 years at least.  I stayed their when I was young and poor, but now I'm old with a mortgage and two kids in college and 4 insurances etc to pay for, etc etc, and so I stay at La Quinta for $50/nt (that's my rate this weekend) and schlep back and forth each day.  Plus I would rather spend my money on multiple trips rather than spending it "in style".  (and breakfast must be up to 25 bucks by now! w/o tip)

But am heading out there to ski Sunday-Tuesday and it should be good.  Again.  Wiki link is in my signature. If someone read it and sees any bad commas or typos let me know please. I don't necessarily fancy myself at a writer, but somehow 10 pages came out of me, before i added the pictures. 
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 Nice work, congratulations!
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Originally Posted by some guy who lives in Virginia View Post

 Heck no!  I like that LCC is a haul, and a tough drive.  Keeps the tourists out!  Let them go to DV, PC, TC.....

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 Trust me, when "I" label someone a tourist, you don't want them skiing in LCC.
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Alta, Big Cottonwood Canyon,and Park City are the Best!


Snowbird is stupid, don't ever go there.





Snowbird Local since 2000

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Alta has a longstanding tradition of being a local favorite.  A lot of it I think is cultural, kinda like Brighton.  They traditionally have been inexpensive and accessible to take a family, teach kids, etc.  People get nostalgic over them because it's where they grew up skiing.  I get nostalgic skiing Alta and I love every second of it.  It's also got a great tight-knit community, and though that doesn't make much of a difference when you purely talk about 'expert' terrain, it sure as hell contributes to a fun day, which scores high in my book.  All that said, I mostly stay on the Snowbird side because there simply is more to keep an advanced and expert skier entertained, and I like to get the morning sun and views in Mineral.  Alta has some great terrain, and can actually get better and more snow, but just doesn't have the sustained steeps you find on the other side of the ridge.

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