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Tremblant Conditions Update

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Just thought some of you might want to know. The last 5 days warm weather and then the rain we've been getting the last 12 hours is hurting. Glades are pretty much done, and rocks are showing up on the blacks pretty good that didn't get alot of snow making. Edge is closed.
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I was loving the mashed potatoes on Sunday! What a gorgeous day, although I did take a base/edge hit on Tigidou. GRRRR.
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I was in Tremblant this past Friday and Saturday and I loved the conditions (hated the lineups on Saturday, however). Lots of yahoos on Expo and Dynamite on the North side. I prefered Zig-Zag and Vertige on the South side, where people at least had the common sense to go down one at a time. I am not a lover of steeps, but Zig-Zag and especially Vertige were fantastic.

If this warm weather continues however, it will be a disaster for Tremblant.

On Sunday I skied at Bromont. That was fantastic also. Unfortunately, many of the bumps runs and glades were finished.
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Well it's been lightly raining for about 24 hours now. Ugh. I don't have any skis left to burn.
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