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Kudos to (USA's) Volkl's Mr. Meding

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It's quite refreshing to encounter professional, prompt and "let's-get-the-job-done" type approach, when dealing with anyone, let alone in this more and more pervasive "faceless", over the phone/email kind of environment we live in.

: So (somehow) I managed to loose/knock-off one of them see-thru' windows in the toe piece of the Marker binding on one of my 6* skis during my last trip to Whistler. The local shop there was not able to help me w/ a replacement as my stay was short.

: Upon returning home in Shanghai, PRC--where, I assure y'al--there ain't no Volkl nor Marker dealers... nor a ski shop for that matter, I submitted an "inquiry" to Volkl USA, thru' their website, explaining my need for replacement windows. The very next day, Mr. Meding emailed back, suggesting I try Volkl in Germany as they may be able to send me replacements faster.

: I emailed the Fatherland, after a week without a word back, I emailed Mr. Meding again. And again, within 24 hrs, he had advised that the windows had been mailed to me...

I just got them today, barely 8 days had gone by. They're exactly the right parts, they snapped into place perfectly!!!...

I don't know if this is a reflection of Volkl USA's work ethics, or just Mr. Meding being good at what he does... I'm simply impressed...

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Similar experience. We were up in Nagano (Japan) when my wife's four star base started to come away. We went into a totally unknown Volkl shop. The Japanese ex-world racer phoned his buddy in Volkl Japan, gave my wife a substitute pair of the same skis, sent the damaged ones to the central Japanese repair facility. We skied on the substitute for three days and gave them back. Next week the repaired ones were delivered at our home. All at no expense, no security asked for. Incredible! (Oh, and the repaired skis had been waxed, too).
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Yup, the US distributors are good folks, and definitely stand behind their products. You'll find them similarly helpful for any issues with skis.

(And I say that even though I'm bitter over the demise of the AX4/G4 and the Explosiv)
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