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Dynastar Speed SX, easily destroyed?

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I have read that the Dynastar Speed SX have a history of "coming apart" rather easily. Does anyone know anything specific about this?

I have a pair (my second pair of Dynastars), and had lost a patch of base last year damaging an edge. I had it fixed, but a few ski days later I had another patch go, which ripped off a few inches of edge.

TYhey also seem to be extremely soft on the walls and top compared to other ski's I have owned.

Overall, I have loved the performance of these skis and would have recommended them to others, except for their durability.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I have thought about going back to Dynastar for help with the original pair or a discount of new skis.

I do ski off trail, and am currently looking for a new pair of skis with good flex & quick turns for moguls, plus good edge for Eastern skiing and NOW good durability. I have looked at the Volkl Superstar 5 & 6, plus the Dynastar Skicross 10.

Thanks for any help.
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Speed SX isn't really an off-trail kind of ski. Don't know what it's "rep" is for durability but mine have held up fine for groomers and ice for several years now. If you like 'em - go to your nearest Sports Authority NOW and get another pair, they were going for somewhere in the low $100 range at clearance. They also had a pair of Skicross 9s in that range and Volant Machetes at $80. At those prices maybe you could compromise on durability...
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Thanks for the note.

I'm torn between grabbing another set and trying something new like the Rossi B2's. I've read alot about them here in the last two days and like what I hear.

Good in bumps, travel well off trail, forgiving, and sound like they can hold an edge out here in the east well enough. I'm going to keep reading people's thoughts on those and the K2 Axis X. At 5'7" & 150lbs I'm thinking of dropping to 160-165 from 178.

Any other ski's you would suggest I demo? I love the moguls and have managed a few good runs on Outer limits even with the Speed SX 178's.
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A buddy of mine blew out an edge on the Speed SXs after hitting a rock in a glade- I'm convinced its because he didnt have the right ski for the conditions and not becaus eof a manufacturers defect.
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"like the Rossi B2's" dude THOSE are explodeamatics if you want an off piste ski try/buy 4800/8000s as it reads like you explore questionable areas.
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