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Mounting Legend series

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I skiied on some older Intuitiv Big's (188) this past weekend at Sunshine and liked them. However, it seemed like they were almost center mounted, when I put them beside my 177's and my friend's 170's, most of the additional length was in the tail. I noticed this as a negative as it felt like the tips were going to dive in choppy snow/powder at speed unless I sat back a bit. Also, when doing tight turns in bumpy trees, it sometimes felt like the tail was slow releasing. Other than that they were what I was expecting/looking for.

My question is, do owners of the 8800's/Nobis/Intuitiv BIG mount their bindings back a few cm? I remember reading that next year the center marker for the 8800 was going to be moved back 2cm. Can anyone confirm this? I've never paid attention to where my skis were mounted (assuming the shop just used default) but this concerns me as I want to be able to charge full speed in variable snow without worrying about tip dives.

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Dynastar mount points are forward relative to other skis. It's a racey mount for charging hard. I mounted my 8800s on the mark and am loving it.
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I'm a little confused, what is the benefit of a forward mount for charging? Don't you get more stability with more ski infront of you? I thought forward/centre mounting was done to get more tail to land switch on.

With your 8800's centre mounted, do you ever get tip dives in powder/choppy snow?

Thanks again for the reply.
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Make it easy on yourself and do what I did. Get a railflex binging and mount them .5-1cm behind center. If your skiing hard pack adjust them forward 1.5 cm and if you've got powder move them back 1.5cm.
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Just posting to let you know your not alone...

Maybe it's my long legged 6' 175lb frame or my old upright Jay Peak glade and bump style - but the tips on my 8800s also dive horribly in the deep and not so steep (they're good on the steep&deep and crud).

It fixes the problem if you sit low - but when I get tired I need to stand up some which makes them dive horribly. I went ass-over-tea-kettle once after going over a wind blown drift and getting the slightest bit upright. I've done similar things in the past on skinnier skis and nothing like that ever happend. I'm seriously considering moving the bindings back - or selling them and getting something with a more traditional mount. Unless there is 2 ft of fresh it's not an issue...but isn't that when I'm supposed to use them!!

btw - I just got a pair of Volant Machete Souls 2 weeks ago and haven't hit a BIG storm yet - but they seem better in pow at 72mm - and once I got used to the heft they totally rip at everything else!!
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