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no where to go

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i am shopping for my first pair of boots but living in the tropical local of tampa, fl, there is only on place i can get fitted. while the establishement is very well known and respected, i have to say it's quite.... pretentious. for example, they have a HUGE selection of ski apparel, but its all Bogner, ect. (i mean, who REALLY wears a $1000 ski jacket? and whats really sad is that people go in there and eat it up!) so my problem, is.. while
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are you talking about the two places in clearwater if so not much to chose from & I dare say hard to find someone that really knows their stuff, but I did find a very knowledgeable person at the chain store just don't remember his name & he was not the manager, funny how that works, I have spent plenty of mine & other peoples money at both places. living in florida not many options.
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Why do you you have to have boots before you get to the ski area? Any ski town is going to have a reasonable selection of shops and if you post where you are going to be you will probably get a few tips on where to go. You will probably get a better fit and be able to have adjustments made as you ski them that first week. With a shop in FL, you would have to suffer or pay someone else to make adjustments and, then wait till the next trip to see if they were right.

If I lived in FL and only went on one or two trips a year I probably wouldn't even own skis. Most areas have a shop where you can rent top of the line equipment for the week. That way you are "state of the art" every year. The boots, I would buy and have fit properly.
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yuki the reason for trying to get your gear before you get to the ski area is so you don't have to spend your valuable & expensive ski time shopping, same thing for the skis, by the time you shop for boots & find somewere to rent the skis you think you want to try if they have them in the size you need you have wasted a day, when I go to summit co my ass is skiing after lunch till close, I spend on the average 5-6 thousand dollars for 7-10 days so time wasted shopping is a bad thing. only exception was last season I bought my icon x from surefoot in keystone august 01 & had them shipped to florida, in febuary when I got to keystone about 12:30 pm they were my first stop to get footbeds done, about 1:30-2:00 pm I was headed for the lifts untill close. works for me.
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I guess my point is, is that if the boots aren't right in Vail, FL is a long way off for an adjustment.

And, the % of success regarding a boot fit in FL is probably a lot less than getting it from a guy/gal who is living it and breathing it.

Spending a week in boots that have packed a bit and are too loose or conversely, have developed a hot spot, can make or break those vacation dollars too.

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i am will be at the Canyons in Utah. i didnt want to loose valuable ski time by shopping for boots, thats why i wanted to get there and be ready to go. but it looks like that's what i will have to do anyway. any suggestions on retail shops in the area?
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Hi Bnnej1,

Your best bet is Surefoot. They have a store right there at the Canyons. However if you have the time go to the Park City Mountain Resort Surefoot. I have personaly used the Park City Surefoot for a few years now. They fit most of the members of the Park City Ski Team as well as a large number of the US ski team. You can be fitted at the Park City shop and if after skiing them at the Canyons you think they need some ajustments The surefoot at the Canyons will be able to help you. Like most good boot fitters they guarantee The fit. You will pay more for boots then you would if you bought at some big box sporting goods store but the fit and service from a real ski/boot fitter is well worth it. They also have a store at Deer Valley so your covered at all 3 Park City area resorts. If you ever go to other areas Like Vail or Aspen Surefoot has stores there as well. Another shop to look into is Jan's Mountain Outfitters They have an excellent staff there. However they don't have a shop right at the Canyons. It's vary easy to get around The Park city area There is Free bus service that now runs out to the Canyons. So lets say you get into the Canyons late in the afternoon get your room head to The Surfoot there or hop a bus to Park City Mountain Resort{about a 10 min ride)Spend that evening getting fitted properly, hop down to Main St For a nice relaxed Dinner try Wasatch Brew Pub at the Top of Main St. Then Back to Your Hotel. Next morning you can make the first Gondola ski and if need be, get down to the resort base for an ajustment of your boots then be back on the mountain. You really won't miss that much ski time.
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