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Skis: Atomic R10 (Mens), 170cm
Bindings: Atomic CR412.
Boots: Rossignol Course KX (flagship race boots from the late 90’s)
Skier: Male 5’8” @ 155lbs.
Skill Level: Proficient in carving groomed and ungroomed black runs at high speed. Have difficulty linking more than 3 turns in steep, big bumps and deep powder.

I took the skis out (first time) in the morning with the bindings set on “All-around”. The skis initiated turns with ease, carved well, but the tails released abruptly in comparison to my last skis, Salomon X-Scream Series (179cm). Also, at speed and in taking straighter lines, the R10’s felt really twitchy. When flat, the skis would deflect and pivot erratically. I began to regret not getting a longer length, and started conjuring up ways to sell the skis.

After lunch, the Variozone setting was moved to “Speed” and the skis felt surprisingly different. The twitchiness at speed was gone, the tails released predictably and with ease, and the skis still carved superbly and maintained tenacious grip. The R10’s don’t feel as creamy, buttery-smooth and dampened in high speed, large radius carves as the X-Scream Series, but the edge hold feels incredibly precise, and the mid-turn grip is relentless with a clean, predictable exit. It’s like a carving knife hitting bone. The Atomic R10’s are definitely keepers; Atomic R11’s MIGHT have provided that smoother, more dampened feel.