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Did you see that?

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what am I looking for?
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Volkl 05/06

The new VOLKLs 05/06, just scroll half way down.
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Cool swallow tail skiis!
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Man I'd hate to be riding switch on those swallow tails. Kinda like a clawhammer ready to catch and pull out whatever you ski too close to.
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Yeah, they look pretty hot. i had actually seen them a month or so ago. I'm still wanting some Karma's... maybe my dream will come true.

learn2turn: i had never though about riding a swallow tail switch, but when you mentioned that a funny image of someone augering in backward popped into my head. thanks for the laugh.
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Here is a Russian link that has all VOLKL 05/06 models. You need to click on the link on the right.

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