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Ginny Cochran passes at 76

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Another Vermont legend gone. US ski racing would never have been the same without the dedication of the Cochran family.

Ski Racing Magazine had several links.
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All of us who have had had her growl at our kids and love them for being kids will miss her- perhaps the skiing gods will bless the hill with some snow this week- it would be fitting as she and Mickey used a little hill and a little snow to do wonderful things for lots and lots of kids-

God Bless----
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That's sad news. It's amazing the skiing legacy that the Cochran's established. I remember reading about the accomplishments of the Cochrans in the late 60's and 70's. Anybody ski on their hill in their backyard.?

Skiing is less of a family sport today than it was 30 years ago , its really something how much this family accomplished in skiing and the dedication and sacrifice their parents made to make it all happen.
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Maybe Jim will have some killer runs in the upcoming technical events in Bormio!

Her character certainly wore off on her kids. When I was skiing in high school with some of Bob's kids (her grandkids), he helped out our team from time to time. It was remarkable how he genuinely had an interest in encouraging and giving pointers to all the kids on our team from bib #1 (usually a cochran) to bib #149.
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