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Jackson Hole TR - Feb 3-6

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Great Mountain.
Horrendous Snow Conditions in the resort.
One of the Best Skiing Experiences I have had.

There. I said it. Read on for a slightly longer report.

8 of us landed in JH Wed night.
Thursday - It was a nice sunny morning. We hired 2 guides and went up on Bridger Gondola for a couple of warm up runs. The snow was hard packed. We then went up the tram and came down Rendezvous Bowl. RB - had to have probably the worst conditions I have ever skied on. Just a sheet of Ice.

We went up the tram again and decided to go OB. This was our first OB experience. we hiked past Cody Bowl into No-Name Bowl. Skied No-Name Bowl into the canyon below all afternoon. by then the snow had softened up
and the skiing was great with a mixture of steeps, open bowls and trees.

Friday - Sunny morning again. Today we decided to head OB first thing in the morning. Once again we hiked past Rendezvous Bowl, Cody bowl and skied into a canyon (rockdale? palmdale? - I forget the name) below No-name. Headed back into the resort for lunch. In the afternoon - we hiked out again and this time into the Rock Springs. we found some good snow conditions here. and some fresh powder too. another great day of skiiing.

Saturday - Cloudy, Windy with snow flurries and poor visibility. Spent the whole day skiing groomers inbounds.

Summary - Jh desperately needs more snow. They have amazing terrain. And going up the lifts - I could only wonder how great the skiing would be in the resort under better snow conditions. Would definitely want to go back next year.

Bob Peters - sorry i could not connect with you as I had to take an earlier flight out. Will PM you.
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I'll stick my report onto yours:

We got there Friday and skied from 2 to 4 -- it was warm and sunny and the snow ranged from slush to bulletproof to corn. We started at Apres Vous and worked our way over to THunder, the gondola, and Sublette, and came down the Hobacks (which was fun but rapidly freezing into some scary stuff by 4 pm). It was a nice quick intro to the front of the mountain.

Saturday was as Marty said, and we did the same thing (tried to find the loose snow on the edge of the groomers).

Sunday didn't look like it would be any different, so we took a day to drive around town and the Elk Refuge, blindly believing the forecast that promised snow on Sunday night.

Sure enough, Monday morning was gorgeous and there was a little bit of fresh snow. The report said 3 inches, but it seemed like more than that at the top. (Probably because I was starved for new snow...) We caught the second tram and came down Rendezvous Bowl and Bivouac, and it was glorious. It was fluff on top of hard snow, but it was still mucho fun. We rode Sublette a few times and found a nice run down through some trees (Pepi's?). We hit the Hobacks again, too. And then rode down right under the gondola (Ranger?).

We only skied 2 hours, because we had to catch a flight out, but it was SO worth it, and I can't wait to go back. But this time I'm driving, so I can wait until I know the snow will be there.

By the way, maybe this is common knowledge around here, but a lot of the folks we talked to in JH didn't know this: at Jackson Hole Sports in the Bridger Center, you can trade in your boarding pass from your flight into JH airport for a free half-day lift ticket (good only the same day you fly into town).
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