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volkl 724 ax3

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Would this be a good ski for an intermediate/advanced skier to buy who wishes to improve alot in the next few years? any thoughts on this particular ski? also, is the mens version just volkl 724 ax3, and the woman's version 724 ax3 gamma?

Thanks for any input on this ski.
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Whoops, forgot quite a bit of information... I love to ski all around the mountain, moguls, woods, groomed, anywhere really, i go fairly fast, I ski mostly in the east, and I'm 5'10 150 pounds, but am still a teenager and expect to gain quite a bit of weight over next summer, for football season, and I would really like a ski that i could take with me regardless of how much my ski level increases.

would the volkl 724 ax3 be a good match for me?

Thanks for any help
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anybody...anyone at all?

perhaps that's too vague a question,
to sum up those previous 2 messages:

1. How advance of a skier can i be be4 this ski would limit me?

2. Is 724 ax3 the mens version and 724 ax3 gamma the womens version?

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Hey Viper,

Sorry to leave you hanging out there. This is my first post so...

The Men's version is the 724 AX3; you are correct. It is a new graphic, and name for last year's Vertigo G3. The women's version, the Gamma, is a bit lighter, softer flexing, and comes in shorter lengths. The ski is one of the best values around, because it is "older" technology, and is over shadowed by the newer 6 star and 724 Pro. This ski has been ski of the year, and was Volkl's number one selling ski prior to the Supersport last year.

With your stats (I'm 5'11', and 155lbs.) you would have a good time on this ski all over the mountain. I'd recomend the 177, (especially if you're adding some pounds down the road) but the 170 is an option if you really want a quick ski in the bumps and trees.

It's an easy skiing ski that experts have a lot of fun on, and again is a great deal. I'd also recomend the Motion binding system, if you haven't thought about it yet.

Good luck!
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Okay, okay!! Since no one else will, I'll give it a try...
1. The AX3 and its predecessors, G3 and G31, have been among the most popular skiis in their class, partly because they work well in most conditions, partly because of good marketing. You won't get 'too good' for them because there isn't anything significantly better to advance to, unless you are going to go to a specialized ski, such as racing, powder, or tricks. I have G3's and love 'em, they're great for western conditions. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
2. Correct.
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Thanks guys. I'm buying a pair of these too. Have demoed the 170 and considered getting 177, but will stick with 170. I like the quickness edge to edge over rock solid stability (170 was reassuring anyway). [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Originally posted by viper45al:
1. How advance of a skier can i be be4 this ski would limit me?

2. Is 724 ax3 the mens version and 724 ax3 gamma the womens version?
1. IMHO, unless you get really over-the-top good the AX3 is good enough to be a ski that should be in your quiver until it wears out. It is a really great ski that has as much performance as most people will need.

2. I'd call the non-gamma version the unisex model but that's splitting hairs. The AX3 Gamma is the woman-specific model.

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Thanks for all your help! I've just bought these skis and they are being setupin the shop right now.

Can't wait for the snow!
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