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Foot pain

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I am getting pain just here. (see pic) I have taking my boots back to my boot fitter who has put some extra padding on the tongue. This has not worked. He told me the next step could be to shave the boot board. After reading other posts, I'm not sure this is the answer. Anybody have another suggestion?

I will take them back to my boot fitter, but am looking for ideas that I can do on my own,(in case his method doen't work) as my boot fitter is 6 hours from the snow & I don't wish to spend a week with foot pain.
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sounds like the right idea, but make sure

1) the boot is the right size (1.5 to 2 fingers behind the heel, when the foot is in the shell of the boot)
2) your heel is all the way in the back of the boot and not slipping.
3) The foot and arch is supported with enough support under the arch and the right correction under the heel.

Padding on either side of the pressure point might be a idea too, Kind of a ramp on both sides to remove the boot from the pressure piont.
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I'd consider trimming the bottom of the tongue before I'd shave the board under the bladder. How snugly do you tighten the buckle? Maybe you need a less tight bind around the foot and more tight (like a powerstrap) around the top of the boot.
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Thanks. I took my boots back to the shop today. They put this thing "performance spoiler" on the front of the boot liner tounges & told me to try this first. He also gave me some heel lifts that I can put in myself in case the first trick doesn't work.
Time to pray for comfy feet AND more snow

P.S. He never mentioned lowering the boot board

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