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Anyone tried the Stockli Stormrider XL?

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I've stumbled onto a good deal on the Stockli Stormrider XL, but I haven't heard much about this ski and I'm not sure what length I would go with.

Does anyone have any experience on this ski? I'm 5'7 175 lbs. and the lengths I'm considering are 164cm and 174cm. Thanks.
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where'd you find this deal?
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I don't have any personal experience, but nobody else is responding, so I'll note: I've heard very complimentary things about the ski, though it doesn't exactly sound like it would be for everyone. A mid-fat with some GS blood in it, for strong, fast skiers.
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I've got some FRY's (same as the AT) on the way, so should be able to review that soon. As far as I know they have very similar lay-ups, but the XL has more sidecut (17m vs 20m radius at 174cm). The reports I've heard are that it's basically a GS ski.

I expect the FRY to be very similar to my Nordica Ultrawave MFs (full sandwich, race room construction, two layers of titanal, 74mm at the waist), but turnier. The Nordicas were fantastic, but are on their 3 1/2th drilling, so they've been relegated to rock ski status.

Speculation, but I would expect the XL to be very similar to the Head i.M75.
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I had the pleasure to demo the XL's along with the Laser SC's last March at Mad River Glen. I was new to shaped skis and still skiing Rossi 4S 195's and was bowled over by both. I ended up with the SC's because they were just too much fun (I'm 52 and they made me feel like 18 again). But ever since in all my ski dreams (about a half dozen a week) I find I'm always on the Stormrider XL's. That must mean something. They were wonderful in the trees and all other ungroomed terrain. No trouble with moguls either. Incredible on the groomed. They absolutely live up to everything I have read about them.

I know I won't get a good nights sleep untill I get a pair; which won't be too much longer as after this non-snow year my SC's already have that rock ski look.
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Check out what Rick McAllister has to say about them. He knows Stockli skis:

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Rick knows his stuff, so pay attention.
I demo'ed the Stormrider DP a few years ago at Jackson, it doesn't sound like they have changed much..
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Thanks for all your responses. I've actually been exchanging e-mail messages with Rick at SkiSharp regarding the Stormrider XLs and he has been incredibly helpful and responsive.
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