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Ski for L2 Exam

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If you were looking for a ski that would be fun in a variety of East coast condition but also might be considering taking an L2 exam on it, what would you look for?

I'm on an Atomic R11 but it's stiff and heavy. I think I'll be wanting to make a variety of turns, slow and fast, soft and moderately carvy. The R11s are work going slow. I'm in my 40s, 6', 175# and a reasonable fit 2-3 day a week skier but not a killer athele.

Skis I'm thinking of demo-ing are--

Elan Fusion S-10 168cm 112-67-100 wood, mono-titanum

Fischer RX 6 170cm 111-67-96 15m@170wood
RX 8 170cm115-66-98 14m@160titanium (maybe too stiff?)

K2 Apache X 167 or 174 16m@174Wood

Volkl 5 star 168cm114-68-99 17.2m@182 wood

Atomic SX-9 170cm105-64-95 15m(maybe too carvy?)
SX-10170cm107-65-97 15m(maybe too carvy?)
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Ski the 5*.
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I did the Level II on 170cm Atomic C11-16 with a 14 meter radius. I'd had the skis for about a year and a half and was comfortable on them. As long as you are on appropriate modern equipment, it shouldn't matter. What does matter is how you ski them.

You need to be comfortable on the skis and know how to use them. If the movement patterns aren't there, you won't pass. So demo them, select something you like and are confident on, then ski the hell out them. You need to "own" em. They need to be a part of your feet. When you tip them your body will know where they are going without you actively thinking about them. You don't want to be thinking about the skis at the exam, you want to concentrate on your own performance.

Good luck on it.
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learn2turn, I passed level 2 last year on my RX8s (170s). The shorter turn radius skis make carving drills a bit more clean, I think, but that's only a sensation thing (won't effect your pass/fail). I also liked them because they were fun, and I was grinning ear-to-ear on the "application" portions of the exam. I actually had fun ripping it up on that part of the exam, and the skis had something to do with that.
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