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Fats - Seattle area

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I'm interested in demoing some fats over the next few weeks. I'm particularly intrigued by the Volkl G41 and Atomic 10.EX. Just curious to see how these compare to my current Mod Xs.

I'm having problems finding a shop in Seattle that is demoing fat skis this year because of the low snowpack. Does anyone know of any shops in the area that are demoing these skis? Are there any demo days coming up at Stevens or Crystal? Thanks in advance.
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Chronic, Salomon is demoing at Crystal (Oasis) March 24&25 I don't know if they will have any Rockets or Pocket Rockets yet. I should know soon.
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Chronic, what a coincidence. I rode up chair 2 at Alpental yesterday with a guy who was demoing Rossi XXX's from Sturtevants. I mentioned that I wanted to try the G41 sometime and he said that was one of three fats Sturtevants had on hand for demoing. Worth giving them a ring, see if they have 'em.
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Volantsports.com There may be a demo schedule on the site, or call the 800 customrer service line.

The ski to ski is the Chubb in a 180, the 190 if you are over 190 lbs.

Happy skiing !
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Thanks guys - I'll give Sturtevants a call. It's out of the way, but I'll make the sacrifice. I demoed the Supermountains at Stevens on Sunday. Lots of fun, and perfect conditions for testing: crud, powder, crud, moguls, crud, and crust! I'll keep looking for demo days at the hill as well.
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I just spent a day on my Supermountains skiing the slop at Silver Mountain. They did great in virgin slop and skied out slop. I was impressed. I have skied them in all type of powder and they handle all well, though they don't have enough girth for really light Rocky Mountain powder. The Supermountain is being discontinued after this season so you should be able to get a good deal on them.

Besides the Supermountain, try the Volkl G41. Everyone I have talked to that has a pair loves them.
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I've got a pair of Olin Outer Limit's!

and I Love Em!

I hear Olin is dropping them from there product line.

Try to get ahold of a pair!

Be good or Eat Wood!
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I know that you can demo the Stockli Stormrider at Mission or Stevens by appointment with the regional rep.
His # is 509-763-1600, tell him I sent you.

Rock'n Doc
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